Saturday, September 01, 2007

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This is taken from a weblog thingy I just found.... quite techy-geeky but funny...

" Who the fuck is the one naming hurricanes?
They somehow manage to give them the least threatening names ever.
If I turned on the news and heard that Hurricane Erin was coming I'd think to myself, "Erin? I could take that slut."
If I turned on the news and heard that Hurricane Dicksmasher was approaching, I'd grab all the money in the house, shove it in my pockets, and get the fuck out of there."

And this made me snigger...

"<Snausages> So, an E-flat, a G-flat, and a B-flat walk into a bar.
And the bartender says,
"I'm sorry, we don't serve minors."
That struck a chord.
Careful with those puns, you'll get in treble.
But they're key to my humour.
And very noteworthy."

This is all taken from

I'm only publishing this post so people don't think I've moved to Mars or something. I'd rather watch Film 4 than sit at a PC all the time.

Oh yeah, and as this supposed to be an MP3 blog mostly, here's a bit of classic 80's..

Toto - "Africa"

This takes me back.. aaaahh.

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