Monday, February 28, 2005

Thanks for the mention!

Thanks for the mention, Tuning. I'll put you on my links on the side as a way of saying ta..

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Classic Cover Versions at Chrome Waves

Download a different classic cover version every week at Chrome Waves.
Includes covers of MBV and Ride songs. Really nice site/blog.
And on his blog you can download some tracks by Asobi Seksu today.

No, I've never neard of them either but they sound interesting....wall-of-noise guitars apparently...

Lots..every day..D'n'B mixes..System of a Down..

check... every day at vincentwashier...drum'n'bass mix here..with a little bit of System of a Down...

Monday, February 21, 2005

Today's links - bit of politics to this time!

bzangy groink- music and everything!
tuning music music music - best mp3 aggregrator list
Reggie Perrin all things Reginald Perrin
DJ sh.tmat drum n bass mentalism.. download here!
top albums from bzangy groink too
C86 classic indie bands article
Are laika any good? Download 6 free trax.
W bush and S Thompson BIT OF POLITICS
History of Iraq. Fascinating. from 4000AD

Friday, February 18, 2005

Free mobile tones???

Smash the Tones (convert any MP3 or MIDI to a free ringtone; it's legal under fair use guidelines)

MBV Bootlegs

My Bloody Valentine bootlegs at slatch which has loads of other good indee bootlegs.
Thankyou again chocoreve. There's some MORE new order too.

More New Order!!!!!!!!!!!AAaaaaaarrrh!!!

I just found more New Order!
Lots more!Found it linked from french blog chocoreve


Get some heavy stuff at drowned in sorrow . Make a CD for journey to work!!!

New New Order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New New Order can be found on totally fuzzy!!!!
Nice MP3 blog also with Wedding Present and Chick Corea

Sara, if u wanna buy MP3s

Sara, if u wanna buy MP3s, have a look at the article about AllofMP3 in the archive on "marv on record".
For less commercial tunes read about emusic in another article on same blog/site.
How have I heard of The Postal Service???

Movies and Firefox

Article on BitTorrent in Wired mag.
Also article on Firefox.