Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Isis - Live in London

The band will be playing the whole of their classic album "Oceanic". To understand this a bit more go to this link here about All Tomorrow's Parties.

Also, Low will be playing the whole of their classic album "Things we Lost in the Fire" on Wednesday 26th July 2006 at Koko in Lahndaan. Read.

Thankyou, Coady from Big Business for telling us about All Tomorrow's Parties. I remember John Peel always used to talk about it on his show. Coady - drummer - think Animal (muppets), think Keith Moon, think..... Holy Shit!!!

Oh! Don't forget Nightmare Before Christmas in Butlins in Minehead!!!! Sometime in December!!! Near Glastonbury!!! Line up:


Read about it!!!
Press Photo of the Year 2006 slideshow via linkbunnies

A Cup of Tea

1. A Cup of Tea
Nan-in, a Japanese master during the Meiji era (1868-1912), received a university professor who came to inquire about Zen.
Nan-in served tea. He poured his visitor's cup full, and then kept on pouring.
The professor watched the overflow until he no longer could restrain himself. "It is overfull. No more will go in!"
"Like this cup," Nan-in said, "you are full of your own opinions and speculations. How can I show you Zen unless you first empty your cup?"

more Zen koans via The Link Bunnies

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Jim Noir

Toman - "Deportivo"

"The tomàn is an old Persian currency which nowadays is still used in Iran. Besides it's a young West Flemish group consisting of Jens, Wouter, Lode and Bram. They fancy old analogue synths and an organic sound. Voice is an instrument just like a guitar and the texts are hermetic. The setup is basic (2 guitars, bass and drums), with the addition of analogue keys. tomàn loves tension build-up and eruptions, subtle arrangements… If you love namedropping, think of the American Analog Set meets Explosions in the Sky with a touch of Grandaddy.
The demo EP 'Malin Head', released by the band itself, was the start of something bigger, something like more concerts, out of Flanders, up to more lively places... Two tracks had been recorded at the Trax Studio in Ghent, the other tracks were DIY pur sang.
The single 'Red White Tears' from 'Malin Head' has been played at both Studio Brussel (Duyster and Radar) and Radio 1 (Belgian national radio stations) and got nice comments. The Dutch musiczine Oor made a review of 'Malin Head', which is something they rarely do for demo EP's! They wrote "Add another 6 atmospheric tracks to this EP and you get an album full of growing diamonds!...It is unbelievable that this West Flemish quartet has no record or distribution deal.". Oor decided to put tomàn in their underground top20 of the best bands of 2004 (as the only Belgian band and without an official release!)
September 2004 the band set off for a small tour in Spain featuring club concerts in Gijon, Madrid, Malaga and Sevilla. Next to some idea of the tour life, the band gained a lot of fans in Spain, France, the Netherlands and Luxemburg.tomàn also played some support acts for bands as Death Cab for Cutie (Ancienne Belgique, Brussels), Twinemen (Le Grand Mix, Tourcoing, France) and Windsor for the Derby (4AD, Diksmuide), The New Year (Nijdrop, Opwijk) and David Eugene Edwards of Woven Hand (Music in Mind festival at Concertgebouw, Bruges).
tomàn's first full CD 'Catching a grizzly bear, lesson one' will be released in Benelux on April 18th, 2005.Jürgen De Blonde, of the fantastic De Portables, did the mixing part!"

I downloaded a track by Toman from Lupatarkastaja a few months back. The track just grew on me. It also grows in structure. Starts very quietly and the track adds layers of washy guitars, clanging bass guitar and splashy hi-hats. The tune repeats - listen to it!! Mogwai but uplifting!! Better!!! Here is the tune:

Toman - "Deportivo"


Final is Justin Broadrick from Jesu/Godflesh's band.

Monday, May 22, 2006

A Silver Mt. Zion

A Silver Mt. Zion - "sit in the middle of three galloping dogs"

A Silver Mt. Zion are playing Bristol Bierkeller on May 30th 2006.

"Biography 2005
Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La-Band formed in December 2000, when the original three members of A Silver Mt. Zion (Efrim: guitar, piano, vocals; Thierry: contrebasse; Sophie: violin) asked three additional players to join (Beckie: cello; Ian: guitar; Jessica: violin). This line-up, juxtaposing a string quartet with 2 electric guitars, continues to this day. A seventh member was added in 2003 (Scott: drums, guitar, mandolin, etc.).
The debut performance by A Silver Mt. Zion took place at the Constellation Room in spring 1999, as part of the Musique Fragile concert series. This half-hour composition, built around a descending piano line and a field recording spliced on a reel-to-reel tape deck, went on to form the template for the band's debut record, He Has Left Us Alone, But Shafts Of Light Sometimes Grace The Corner Of Our Rooms (cst009). Expanding to six musicians at the end of 2000 (and lengthening the band name accordingly), the group worked on new arrangements of material from the debut and began writing new songs, then toured Europe in early 2001. The first album written by the larger band, "Born Into Trouble As The Sparks Fly Upward." (cst018), was recorded over a couple of weekends immediately after the tour.
The first two SMZ releases feature largely instrumental work, a punk-rock chamber music of sorts that evolved out of the three founding musicians' desire to compose in a setting more intimate than their other band, the sprawling nine-piece godspeed you! black emperor. Both records were released to broad critical acclaim, and while these albums include the earliest examples of lead vocal and lyrics by Efrim, it was in 2002, as godspeed's recording and touring schedule wound down, that SMZ began working in earnest on a decidedly more lyric-guided approach to songwriting and a more articulate attempt to harness the protest song traditions of folk, punk and avant rock.
The band has been writing, recording and touring regularly for the last two years and has recorded two double albums of vocal-driven material, "This Is Our Punk-Rock," Thee Rusted Satellites Gather + Sing (cst027) and Horses In The Sky (cst033). Efrim also recorded some song sketches in the fall of 2003 that turned into Thee Silver Mountain Reveries EP (cst030) originally available exclusively in concert during the band's spring 2004 European tour, then given a wider release in the summer of that year. All iterations of the Silver Mt. Zion band have been recorded at Montreal's Hotel2Tango (a recording studio built by Efrim and Thierry, along with engineer Howard Bilerman) and released by Constellation.
Efrim is a founding member of godspeed you! black emperor and has been involved in many other projects via the Hotel2Tango loft space, which evolved from a ramshackle rehearsal hall in the mid-90s to an accessible 24-track analogue studio by the turn of the decade. He has recorded and/or played on records by Frankie Sparo, Hangedup, Hannah Marcus, Elizabeth Anka Vajagic and Phonemes, among others, and is chiefly responsible for the album artwork that accompanies all the albums by gy!be and SMZ. He has played in a Glenn Branca guitar orchestra performance, in an improv concert with members of Acid Mothers Temple, and has written for Fish Piss magazine. Silver Mt. Zion is his central song-writing vehicle, for which he writes all of the lyrics.
Thierry has played electric bass in gy!be 1996, and began playing contrebasse a year later, initially in SMZ and Molasses. He has pursued acoustic bass as his central instrument ever since, playing in countless improv and free-jazz formations around Montreal, and on many albums recorded at the Hotel2Tango (where he is a partner and engineer). He has recorded albums by Fly Pan Am, Crackpot, and free music ensemble Balai Mechanique (in which he also plays), among others. He is also a founding member of klezmer-inspired quartet Black Ox Orkestar.
Sophie has played violin in gy!be and SMZ since 1998 and Set Fire To Flames since 2000. She has contributed to innumerable records by other bands and is a highly active player in the local Montreal scene. Most recently, she has played and toured with Valley Of The Giants, contributed to recordings by Hrsta and Kiss Me Deadly, and founded her own label, Bangor Records, whose first release will be by The Mile End Ladies' String Auxiliary (in which she also plays). She wields electric bass in the noise-rock duo Diebold with fellow SMZ member Ian.
Beckie has played cello in SMZ since 2000 and features as a member and/or contributor to a long list of other Montreal-based bands and projects, including Set Fire To Flames, Blackout and Elizabeth Anka Vajagic. She collaborates regularly with the local modern dance community and is a co-founder of the cello and percussion duo Esmerine. She also organises conferences for the Canadian Environmental Network.
Ian has played guitar in SMZ since 2000, prior to which he was the guitarist for postpunk bands Sofa (1992-1997) and Sackville (1995-1999). He has contributed guitar, bass, drums and/or programming and computer arrangements to recordings by Hangedup, Frankie Sparo and Priya Thomas, among others. He recorded the debut record by Fly Pan Am and is co-founder of Constellation Records, as well as co-curator of the Musique Fragile concert series that ran in Montreal from 1997-1999 and gave many of the city's current experimental and improv players one of the first accessible, artist-friendly venues for performance. He currently makes computer-assisted music in Re: and bangs the drums in Diebold.
Jessica has played violin in SMZ since 2000, prior to which she played in various Montreal bands, toured with The Geraldine Fibbers, and was production co-ordinator for local film collective Automatic Vaudeville, to which she also contributed music and acting. Her violin work has graced many records, including Frankie Sparo and Hannah Marcus, and she plays regularly in local Arabic and Balkan music ensembles. She is a founding member of Black Ox Orkestar. She also makes lightboxes, metal flowers and figurines, wristbands, and other lovely objects.
Scott has played drums, guitar, mandolin and cymbalom in SMZ since 2003. He played with various punk bands in Baltimore before moving to Montreal in 2000, where he completed school and co-founded the political puppet theatre troupe Petit Theatre de L'Absolu, which has toured France, Spain, the USA and Palestine. He is a founding member of Black Ox Orkestar, in which he plays mandolin, cymbalom and violin, and for which he sings and writes lyrics in Yiddish."

and the MP3 again...
A Silver Mt. Zion - "sit in the middle of three galloping dogs"

Don Caballero

Don Caballero - "let's face it pal, you didn't need that eye surgery"

Here it is again. Guaranteed to blow your mind. You will play this track to every one you know.


You twat.


ÖLVIS - 'Mental Freedom' from the album "The Blue Sound"

"Second album from Orlygur Thor Orlygsson, almost exactly a year on from his self-titled debut - an album that garnered rapturous praise in certain quarters. Whereas his debut was effectively instrumental, aside from occasional understated background vocals, ‘The Blue Sound’ heralds a massive progression for Olvis; six of the eleven tracks here feature Orlygur singing in Icelandic, layered over epic, lush orchestration, to stunning effect.lThe album also features Sigur Ros members Orri Dyrason and Georg Holm - the first time they’ve appeared together as guest musicians on a record. Similarly, also guesting on ‘The Blue Sound’ is Maria Huld Markan Sigfusdottir, violinist with Amina, Sigur Ros’ string quartet. Elsewhere on the album are members of Apparat Organ Quartet and SK/UM, as well as other highly respected Reykjavik musicians. The entire album was written and produced by Orlygur himself, and has undoubted crossover potential, with potential appeal to the chillout crowd (a track from his debut album opens the new Global Underground ‘Afterhours 2’ compilation) as well as followers of Sigur Ros, Stafraenn Hakon and beyond. "


KEPLER - 'Reward & Respite' from the album "Attic Salt".

"Long awaited third album from the much-loved Canadian slowcore outfit,three years on from the "Missionless Days" longplayer that was released alongside their first UK/Ireland tour as main support to Godspeed You! Black Emperor.
The time between then and now has seen many line-up changes, with drummer Mike Sheridan moving on and, more recently, multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Gara being recruited by band-of-the-moment ARCADE FIRE as drummer/guitarist - but not before this album was recorded.
"Attic Salt" displays a maturity that makes it a distant relative from their astonishing "Fuck Fight Fail" and "Missionless Days" albums. While still predominantly downbeat, the band introduces a subtle growl to a few upbeat numbers. The hushed, affecting, emotive vocals of Samir Khan remain a constant though, and his delivery accentuates the strength of their songwriting, which undoubtedly hits new heights on this album."

via Resonant

Stafrænn Hákon

Stafrænn Hákon - "Elgur"
Stafrænn Hákon - "silfurgeitungur" via Singing Fish
Stafraenn Hakon 'kjammi" via Resonant MP3 page

These guys just chill you out and uplift you. Descriptions if you not heard them. New Order at 40 b.p.m??? uuhhhh........

First heard these on www.3hive.com. They get that Slowdive singing guitar sound with a real chunky melodic bassline that just kills you. It's also highly produced. The sort of music that shuts off your senses and ......
e.k. is a class track by them too.. just found it on their official website.

Silver Ray

Silver Ray - "Burning Romance" from the album "New Love"
Silver Ray - "No need to try" from the album "This is Silver Ray"
via Pharmacy Records

"Burning Romance" by Silver Ray is like twelve minutes long....spaced-out, bit like the first track on the newest Mogwai album...well, it's got pianos on it anyway. Read about Silver Ray in the Guardian printed newspaper. Their CD was classsed as a classic recent deleted re-issue or something.

"Beautifully titled, New Love has a magnificent warmth and uplifting feel. Listening to it in my car I regularly find that I can’t remember the last few kilometres of road that I’ve recently driven down. It’s the sort of music that picks you up very softly, transports you in a massive crescendo, and then gently plants you down again ready for the next track. Silver Rays brand of music sticks visuals in your mind – 'Come On Baby' gives me that great feeling of raw excitement and youth like driving your first car down to the beach for the holidays. What I particularly like about this music is that in a 12-minute track nothing stays still, everything changes but remains the same. The subtleties of Silver Ray make them stand above most other bands at the moment. Silver Ray is like nothing that is going around at the moment. A 3 piece band that sound like silence and a 20-piece band all in one. Do your ears and your headspace the favour. Buy it."
- www.bonemachine.net

Port Royal

PORT-ROYAL - 'Jeka' via Resonant

"The Resonant label's quest to unearth new artists continues with this magnificent, sprawling, widescreen debut from Genoa-based guitar collective Port-Royal. The first incarnation of the band surfaced in July 2000, with the "Kraken" EP issued in CDR form by Italian label Marsiglia Records in early 2002 - and their art further fine-tuned via several live shows in their homeland. "Flares" is the result of more than two years of home recording, and displays scope and ambition that exudes confidence - almost arrogance - in their own vision and ability. The ten tracks herein total the maximum 78 minutes, with tracks 3/4/5 and 7/8/9 being two expansive compositions in three movements apiece - the latter being the album's centrepiece and title track.
Although "Flares" has much in common with the likes of labelmate Stafraenn Hakon, for example, there's no way you could classify this as simply a post-rock album; Port-Royal utilise understated electronic beats and subtle spoken vocal samples as well as guitars, and have created a body of work with no obvious parallels or comparisons.
You can however still buy it and any other resonant release from the following outlets :
www.smallfish.co.uk / www.boomkat.com / www.normanrecords.com / www.amazon.co.uk / www.piccadillyrecords.co.uk / www.roughtrade.com / www.play.com - alternatively, if you are outside the UK please try one of our distributors websites by clinking here"


Obituary - 'Insane' via Blistering

Soilent Green

Soilent Green - 'Leaves Of Three'
Soilent Green - 'Forgive And Regret' via Blistering

Guitars - onslaught. Nice one G.

Soilent Green

Soilent Green - 'Leaves Of Three'
Soilent Green - 'Forgive And Regret' via Blistering

Guitars - onslaught. Nice one G.

The Number 12 Looks Like You

Friday, May 19, 2006


This is their demo.
Zonderhoof were fucking cracking in the Welsh Club this week. I like the non-stop rolling beats. Especially when the rhythms move to 7/8 time. Sounds well funky in a doom way....nice.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

"The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw"

"The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw" is the title of the Pelican album from 2005.

Official Website: http://www.hydrahead.com/pelican/ . Hydrahead - wicked label...

Here is a review of their last but one album "Australasia" taken from Stoner Rock Dot Com.

"Unhindered by the impositions of the vocal yoke, Chicago instro-metal sorcerers Pelican transcend the limits of time and space to expound upon the stunning finesse and painstaking subtlety with which they command their already indelible sonic signature. Restoring instrumental composition to its former glory is no insignificant task, and to do so with such remarkable authority and presence is a testament to the sheer will and unmitigated talent of Pelican's membership. Successor to the critically lauded Untitled EP, Pelican's debut full-length is a cyclical riptide of major-chord mastery and low-end triumph against which one can only abdicate any and all tendencies to resist total immersion. 6 SONGS IN 50 MINUTES!!"

Pelican -"Nightendday"
Pelican -"Mammoth"

The second MP3 off an Untitled EP is also featured on the website All That's Heavy.
Splendid is an online magazine. I was searching for some stuff on Isis using Exalead. Came across nice review of their album "Oceanic". More interesting though is their podcast...and they provide the direct link to the mp3 of the podcast...like this...

Week of October 24, 2005
Download the podcast without screwing around with XML, RSS, etc.

You can therefore click the blue button next to the link above and listen to the whole podcast without even leaving this webpage for one second.....in theory. Full track listing will be here. First track is by The Chills.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Collision Course 06


Thine linketh about that merrie festivull in the land they call Bridgendshire...

Zonderhoof - Big Business!!!!!

This is an email about the gig in the "Welsh Club" in Cardiff on Monday 15th May. 4 bands - heavy shit - gotta be there - international line-up.

"no tickets 4 monday- just pay on door
Excellent dude - cool - check out the songs on
http://www.zonderhoof.com/ we unfortunately wont be on 4 long as we've only got 3 songs..

and headline act big business the other 1/2 of the melvins -

and weirdos creepy morons -
& zuma from swansea
should be a laugh"

Zonderhoof MP3s:
"William The Bastard"

Friday, May 12, 2006

Great links for MP3s! That's me!!

Great links for MP3s! That's me!!
Yes, that's right.

"Whatever happened 2 Bay B Kane?" - "Great links to mp3s"

Someone else has finally realised how fantastic this blog right here is for linking to MP3s!
Cheers to http://donal.wordpress.com for linking me. Not sure what that blog is about but I'll have a look later!!!!

If you don't know: I link to tracks like:

ASVA - Kill The Dog, Tie Him Up, Take The Money

"Huge slabs of ultra distorted guitars, working their way through slow motion riffs, a ponderous plodding metallic crush."


Click the blue button to find out.

If there's too much information hitting you on this blog go to my other MP3 blog. This has just MP3s and no waffling..... So try Clik and Lissen. I know you'll love it. You tart...

DJ Martian's Top 100

Click here to see DJ Martian's top 100 albums of 2006. Thing is though - the list goes up to 629 or something!!!!

Here's one band that sound interesting - Alcian Blue (compared to MBV). I've followed his links and plucked the free MP3s from the band's website. Click the blue button dude!!

Here is an excerpt of the review off the label's site....

"Alcian Blue
What's The Story?Washington, DC-based Alcian Blue, whose early limited-edition EPs drew favorable comparisons to the likes of My Bloody Valentine and Jesus and Mary Chain, have been been around for almost five years, recording records in their basement and developing an underground fan base both locally and globally. The sudden departure of their drummer late last year left them wondering what the future held for DC’s loudest rock band. It was right at this time that vocalist/guitarist Jake Reid and his then girlfriend (now wife) Kim started writing a batch of new songs with heavy drum machine beats and walls of synths and guitars. Blending the neo-shoegaze influences from their past releases with the haunting landscapes of early ‘80s icons like Joy Division/New Order, The Cure, and prime time Depeche Mode, the new sound showcased on Alcian Blue presents a fresh perspective and groundwork for exploration. Fans of the aforementioned legends, as well as modern groups like Interpol, The Editors, and Film School will love Alcian Blue. If this record isn’t loud enough, head to one of their shows and see why the comparisons to My Bloody Valentine aren’t due to the music but the sheer volume in which they present their dark ominous sound."

Alcian Blue - "You Just Disappear"
Alcian Blue - "See You Shine" via DJ Martian's List on Rate Your Music. You are a legend Mr. Martian!

Noise rock guide

Click here to view a nice guide on "post/experimental/electronic/noise rock and related - a list of some important ones".

It includes (obviously) Mogwai, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Sigur Rós, Don Caballero, Explosions in the Sky, 65 Days of Static, Red Sparowes, The Album Leaf, My Bloody Valentine and last on the list - who I was going to see do a gig last week at Le Pub in Newport but decided like an idiot that I was too skint - Gregor Samsa.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Bloop is a site to upload your MP3s and stuff. Good way of sussing this out is to click on a random bloop account.

Searched for "bass" and it come up with a load of techno and drum n bass.

Dred Bass - Technology.mp3

But!!! The blue button doesn't work for MP3s from Bloop. You have to click on the track title. It then loads in a new window and starts playing straight away. Pretty cool.

USB Turntable!!!!!!!!!

Whack your vinyl straight into the back of your PC (or Mac or Atari or Amiga or Amstrad or whatever you've got a USB connection on).
Hey presto, you can get those old vinyl or even new vinyl records onto your i-Pod, onto your webspace etc.
I suppose you could just use it to listen to your vinyl as well.
Read more here.

I found this on Digg.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Viking Skull

Here you are Dan. Found some Viking Skull for you.

Quote - "For Raging Speedhorners Gordon Morison (drums), Frank Regan (guitar) and Darren Smith (guitar) with Roddy Stone (vocals) and Waldie (bass) Viking Skull provides a chance to take a break from the heavy-duty pounding metal and play some sleazy, laid back rock. And carry on drinking … Having already collapsed one venue floor under the feet of a furiously manic mosh pit, the VS formula of mixing Black Sabbath's groove, Deep Purple's pulsing rhythms and AC/DC's libido, this coolly confident act is stepping up a level. Recommended!
'Get in, get ****ed and get out' - 7 words that prompted the existence of Viking Skull.
" Source:Fibbers

Mate, if you click the blue button below the MP3 should start loading then playing so watch your volume level clart. If you need me to find some more tunes give me a shout or leave a comment. Seriously.

Here is the MP3:
Viking Skull - "Crank the Volume"

Read more at www.vikingskull.net/

Jaga Jazzist

Quote - "....basically sounds like what Kevin Shields would dream-up if he was influenced by jazz and prog-rock." - Source: MP3MANIACO

That's just got me sold. All you've got to do is mention Kevin Shields and it's game over for me. And the fact that Jaga Jazzist are from Norway. Think about it - you've got Sigur Ros from Iceland, you've got M83 from France, you've got Lupatarkastaja (an awesome MP3 blog that is making the world a lot smaller place for me - they posted tracks by Toman, Cue, Jesu, Red Sparrows..) from Finland, you've got Mogwai from Scotland... It seems that there is a lot of high quality music coming out of a lot of countries from outside of England. Imagine concentric circles drawn on a map of the world and the circles centre on you. How far do your circles go??

Anyway, I've just come across MP3MANIACO today. I've subscribed to their RSS feed so I'll probably be linking to other stuff from them in the future.

This post is taking me about 2 hours to complete.... the point is that you can listen to some of their MP3s by going to Clik and Lissen - my stripped down MP3 blog. Here's one of the tunes anyway. Press the blue button!!!!!

Jaga Jazzist - All I Know is Tonight (aaaaaahh..this MP3 has gone!! I'll find some more now...)

More Jaga Jazzist MP3s on Clik and Lissen.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Mike Patton. Does he never quit???

If you go to clik and lissen today you will see that I have linked to some tunes off an album called "Romances" by Patton & Kaada.(The Mp3s on clik and lissen are now gone though!) It's described on mp3maniaco as ,like, ambient soundscapes to make love to or something.
Doesn't sound like your normal Mike Patton project though does it??? No screaming?? No breakbeat? No mentalist heavy guitar noises? No jazz rhythms or terror??
This sounds pretty cool if you like anything on the chill out end of the spectrum and..weird.

Quote - "If you're looking to rock out stay away from Romances. But if you're in search of something different and could use a soundtrack for getting hot and bothered with the coolest and weirdest significant other possible, I highly recommend this album."

I think I need this. I think I'll buy it. On vinyl.

Press the blue button to listen to the first track off the album:

Patton & Kaada - "Invocations" (...and this MP3 has buggered off too and I can't any more of this online. Looks like you'll have to visit a specialist music shop or something to check this out clart.)

Originally posted at mp3maniaco.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Clik and Lissen!! MY NEW BLOGG!!!!! MP3 only!!!!!!

MP3 blod..I mean blog! My new one!!! Pure MP3! Dooom, Post-Rock, Post-Metal, Sludgecore,D'n'B, uhh....ummm..lots of Jim Noir, Sigur Ros and...uhh..Kraftwerk...basically...if I think of some good music I forgot about or hear about something new I'll search Exploseek  and Elbo.ws for some MP3s to post on my blog! Woohoo!!

Hey!!!!Hey!!!!Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's my new MP3 blog!!!!!! There's absolutely nuffin but MP3s on this blog!! It is called "Clik and Lissen".

Tracks already featured include......

Jim Noir - Computer song

Godspeed You Black Emperor! - Motorcycle

Clor - "Stuck In A Tight Spot"

Don Caballero - "Savage Composition"

Cephalic Carnage - "Dying will be the death of me"

Zonderhoof - "William The Bastard"

Kraftwerk - "Europe Endless"

The whole point though is that there are loads of MP3 blogs around. I'm using this blog to check stuff out. I can't be bothered downloading stuff and puting it into i-Tunes or whatever. This is why I've put the blue arrow next to the MP3s!!!! You just click it and hopefully, if the MP3 is still online, the tune will start playng within about 2 seconds. If you hate it you just click the stop button that appears when you're listening to it. If you love it then you can download when you go home or if you're on your system right then just do the normal "right click"..

Thursday, May 04, 2006

JIM NOIR TONIGHT - Free GIG - Thursday 04/05/06

Jim Noir is playing a free gig tonight in Spilers Records in Cardiff. If you don't quite know where that is it's near the Toys 'R' Us end of town.

Click the blue button to listen to the MP3s:

Jim Noir - Tell me what to do
Jim Noir - Computer song
Jim Noir - I me you i’m yours via Coffee Cup


ASVA - described as metalstonerdoom - compared to Sunn0))) and them kind of heavy dudes.. The review below is lifted completely from the Aquarius Records site....
"It's funny how suddenly every one has a doom drone dirge project happening. The popularity of Sunn 0))) and Earth and Corrupted and Boris not only has record collectors scrambling for their wallets, but seems to have other musicians scrambling as well, buying bigger amps, more distortion boxes, trying to tune lower and play slower, all of this evidenced by the sudden glut of bands whose influences don't extend much beyond Earth and Sunn 0))). We're not complaining mind you 'cuz you know we can't get enough of that sludgy downtuned dirge! And, you can't give Asva too much grief as bass player Stuart Dahlquist (brother of Silkworm's Michael Dahlquist) was there in the early days, having played in doom dirge metal outfit Burning Witch, and Asva actually feels like a logical extension of his old band. Dahlquist is joined in Asva by guitarist John Schuller and ex-Mr. Bungle guitarist / current Web Of Mimicry head honcho Trey Spruance, as well as an organist (!) and a female vocalist (!). It's these last two elements, as well as a flair for incorporating melody into a sound usuallylight on the melodic end of things, that makes Asva a much more interesting prospect. Of the four extended tracks here, it's the first and the last that hue closest to the Sunn 0))) / Earth template. Huge slabs of ultra distorted guitars, working their way through slow motion riffs, a ponderous plodding metallic crush. On the final track, vocalist Jessika Kenney belts out a one woman chorale, adding a strangely angelic vibe to the proceedings, minor key, but soaring over the slow motion Sabbath beneath, beautiful and haunting in a way few bands like this have managed. The two tracks in between are much more abstract and spare, not in the least but heavy, but still creepy and droney. Track two is all minimal whir and shimmer, slowly shifting and subtly moving through a minimal almost melody. Track three again features Kenney's voalisations, this time though, it's ALL about the vocals, the musical bed is a hushed doomy organ driven drone, endlessly sustaining with occasional super reverbed bass and sizzling barely-there percussion, while Kenney wails and trills, swooping through strange alien melodies, her multi tracked vocals harmonizing with themselves, creating a very bizarre, but thrillingly creepy soundworld. Fans of the genre (sludgedoomdirgedeathdrone) probably already know about this record and know they need it, but folks who have yet to get into this stuff, might find Asva just melodic enough and weird enough to merit further investigation."

Click the blue button to listen to some MP3s.....

ASVA - Kill The Dog, Tie Him Up, Take The Money
ASVA - Fortune
ASVA - By The Well of Living and Seeing via Exploseek

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Don Cab

This review of a Don Caballero album on Amazon says it all really..What a band...

"How to describe Don Caballero's sound? There isn't much like it to provide a frame of reference, so it's not easy. Well, here goes: throw the sounds of Helmet, Mogwai, Slint, Drive Like Jehu, Sonic Youth, The Mars Volta, and Shellac into a blender, remove all vocals, add a mad genius of a drummer who sounds sort of like Elvin Jones (of John Coltrane fame) on methamphetamines, and you'll get a fair idea. With 2, the virtuosos of Don Cab created a monster of an album, one that bends minds as easily as it bends genres with its highly distinctive blend of fusion, metal, and prog. The compositions ("songs" doesn't quite feel like the right word, thanks) here veer between extended, multi-faceted epics that straddle the ten-minute mark and shorter, sharper pieces, but no matter the track length 2 showcases some dazzlingly complex structures that never fail to make heads spin with their consistent unpredictability. Now, before I go any further, I should stress that whatever else it may be, 2 is not an exercise in gratuitious technical wankery a la the more grandiose moments in Dream Theather's catalogue. And despite the band's all-instrumental approach, this in no way falls into the post-rock category that's become so fashionable of late; the sheer intensity of this recording would be more than sufficient to blast the likes of Explosions in the Sky into submission (not to say EITS aren't a good band; they very much are). At all points, 2 is a focused, aggressive, and measured display of technical wizardry that's at least as much about creativity as virtuosity. If your brain isn't engaged while listening to this stuff, you might've hit the "off" button on it by mistake. Of course, given their prodigious chops, the guys in Don Cab could be forgiven if they decided to show off a little. I've listened to tons of music from various genres, and these guys can easily hang with any band I've ever heard when it comes to musical skeelz. Drummer Damon Che gets a great deal of the attention when Don Cab is discussed, and rightfully...."Read On

Don Cab album here

01 - Chief Sitting Duck> 08-Mar-2005 20:44 3.9M
02 - please tokio, please THIS IS TOKIO..> 08-Mar-2005 22:42 17.9M
03 - P,P,P, antless.mp3 08-Mar-2005 19:12 6.2M


Zonderhoof are playing the "Welsh Club" in Cardiff on Monday 15th May.

Zonderhoof are crazy Melvins/Don Caballero/Facedowninshit style band supporting Big Business - the members of Big Business play as the "rhythm section" of the good old Melvins.

Listen to these tracks by Zonderhoof.

William The Bastard

Zonderhoof mp3 on lissen2mp3.

Visit http://www.zonderhoof.com/
Update: The Sound of Indie compares Big Business with a band called Godheadsilo as they both have only a bassist and a drummer! Check out an MP3...
godheadSilo - Bereft Rescue Mission No. 43

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Grounded by rhythmic movements and pulsing guitars. Shora brings a shape-shifting blend of the beautiful and the uncertain. The elegant, unusual ....

Shora - "Parhelion" via Conspiracy Records.

Visit http://www.shora.com

Cephalic Carnage

Cephalic Carnage are playing Newport NCLA (the old 24 hr snooker hall on the other side of the road past TJ's) on ................

Cephalic Carnage - Dying.mp3 via Exalead