Monday, April 30, 2007

Before you search!

Check where you are registered on the electoral roll by using "B4U Search". Do "people" search and put in your name and location or town. Scroll down to see electoral roll results beneath the ..hang on.. It's been updated with new links..... such as

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Monday, April 23, 2007

Harmonic Tremors!!!!

Some lazy links form my aRSSe Reader

Zozobra - Harmonic Tremors media player
Interview with Caleb Scofield of Zozobra
Hi all! Dupey here again for another ebay blowout. We have a good amount of goodies leftover from Jesu and Zozobra from their debut US tour with ISIS. If you missed out on that tour I would take this opportunity to get caught up with some awesome tour merch. Just click the link and order away! site

BTW. Zozobra are a well cool band. Bit shouty raw Isis, a bit electronic chugging Jesu, bit Cult of Luna in yer face. You know. Seriously. Good band. Good album. Good label. Good web design. For pete's sake, they let you listen to the entire album for free. If you're confused, here's the link so you can listen to Zozobra.

Zozobra - Harmonic Tremors media player

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

"..eerily familiar."

Review of new Boris album. Here.

".It's vintage and totally invigorating. The immediate Pink punk-slap isn't here, but where the former nails one hue and keeps running with it, I can imagine this new, deeper set keeping me cozy for years to come. It's already eerily familiar." Read on.

Nice review on Pitchfork.

The review discusses the track "Farewell" off the previous album "Pink" - how it compares with the new stuff. If you want to listen to Farewell then follow the below link and you can play and listen to it...

Streaming: Boris - "Farewell" (it is an incredible track - a massive, crunching "shoegaze" ballad)

Update: You can listen to some of the new Boris album on Sogou as well. Boris. (Try the longer MP3s nearer the top of page.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Awesome Artists from Japan

Corrupted - Se Hace Por Los Suenos Asesinos is one....
Click on that pic above to visit Rate Your Music. Great user-made site of reviews etc..

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

"Japenese (sic) prog-metal. What else do you want?"

Stream the last Boris album.
Streaming: The track "Pink" off the album "Pink" by Boris. Here. (Click the play arrow when you get to the Japanese site Sogou.)
Or the track "Blackout" off the same album. Go to this page for more Boris and click on "Blackout". Super slow instrumental dooomm. Awesome. Turn it up.

Stream: "Pink"

Napoleon Dynamite Dance Scene



Felt sick after watching this. This footage is 4 years old. That's almost history isn't it?

the Death of Weronika (Veronique)

Her last song.. The music... The Double Life of Veronique.

boards of canada - dayvan cowboy


Autechre 'Gantz Graf'

Wow. Love this. You need to have a proper listen to the music at some point too. It slowly deconstructs itself over time in front of your eyes.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Back to the 90s..

Check out the coolness of these MP3s (if you were discovering the many styles of dance music being developed during the 90's) all from The White Noise Revisited MP3 blog. Well nice. In depth writing about each track too. Which is what people want you know? Here ya go... Thanks hype machine

PFM - One & Only
The Chameleon - Links
Spiral Tribe - D.J. Nasty
Boards of Canada - Everything You Do Is A Balloon
The Irresistible Force - Sky High
Autechre - Chatter
Chapterhouse - Delta Phase (Retranslated by Global Communication)

Nice... Click and listen... or right-click and download or whatever u do on a Mac. I forgot...

Troubled World

This'll certainly put you off the Iraq war if you're not already.
PS If you're reading this in work or a library, youtube might be blocked so you can't get to see these vids...

Miraculous escape from a train accident


IFW-Dresden Superconducting Maglev Train Models

This is totally awesome.. Model of a floating train.. VIDEO.

Laurie Anderson - O Superman

Wow... one of the most beautiful, haunting songs. Politically prescient too.

Boris 5.27.06 (Blackout)

It is the doomiest track I've heard since the Bradford Deathmetal all-dayer in the 1-in-12 in Bradoford in 1993. Get the vinyl or CD to hear the impact this track truly has..

Boris live first unitarian church '05

Holy shit. An hour of video of Boris live........ Jesus...

Soilent Green

Truly, truly great metal, original. The vocals seem to have a loose flow. Technical, loose. Entombed guitar sound. So complex with such a groove.

Brian Posehn - Metal By Numbers


Steven Wright - Stand Up (Funny Guy)

The best standup comedian.. The most deadpan too.. and the most surreal... and the shortest anecdotes...

Tony Law - stand up surrealist

Yes!!!! The best live comedian I've ever seen.

Red Sparowes - Like the Howling Glory Live

Like wow. This band must be the greatest...