Friday, July 28, 2006

Blogs in Cwmbran

Top 100 Blogs in Cwmbran
1: Whatever Happened 2 Bay B Kane? BlogShares profileLast Indexed: 15:46 22 Jul 20064000 / 5000 shares available @ B$22.64 ea. - 88.42 p/e
2: clik and lissen BlogShares profileLast Indexed: 18:45 26 Jun 20064000 / 5000 shares available @ B$15.20 ea. - 74.06 p/e
3: World Of Rubbish BlogShares profileLast Indexed: 18:45 26 Jun 20064000 / 5000 shares available @ B$.20 ea. - 1 p/e
4: Cycle 4 Charity .org BlogShares profileLast Indexed: 18:35 22 Jul 20064000 / 5000 shares available @ B$.20 ea. - 1 p/e
5: digitALLSTARS BlogShares profileLast Indexed: 13:02 24 Jul 20064000 / 5000 shares available @ B$.20 ea. - 1 p/e
6: blogspotting BlogShares profileLast Indexed: 18:46 26 Jun 20064000 / 5000 shares available @ B$.20 ea. - 1 p/e
7: Sparkles and Scandals BlogShares profileLast Indexed: 18:46 26 Jun 20064000 / 5000 shares available @ B$.20 ea. - 1 p/e
8: Adam Hussein\'s Blog BlogShares profileLast Indexed: 18:46 26 Jun 20064000 / 5000 shares available @ B$.20 ea. - 1 p/e
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Who doth linketh to me??

If you're so vain that you've run out of ways of finding out who links to your blog then you should try the PDA search on Google....

The results are pure text as it is designed for PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) so it is very quick and basic.

I searched for my MP3 blog which what that is like called Clik and Lissen.

Here is a screenshot of the results if you're that interested...

Search results for Clik and Lissen using the PDA search on Google.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Where can I learn SQL?

What is SQL?
SQL stands for Structured Query Language
SQL allows you to access a database
SQL is an ANSI standard computer language
SQL can execute queries against a database
SQL can retrieve data from a database
SQL can insert new records in a database
SQL can delete records from a database
SQL can update records in a database
SQL is easy to learn ..

SQL is a Standard - BUT....
SQL is an ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard computer language for accessing and manipulating database systems. SQL statements are used to retrieve and update data in a database. SQL works with database programs like MS Access, DB2, Informix, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, etc.
Unfortunately, there are many different versions of the SQL language, but to be in compliance with the ANSI standard, they .......(Read On)

This tutorial is taken from the best website I know if you're looking to learn about web design or web programing. It features a clear layout with examples so you cannot leave that website without having learnt something. The site is called W3 Schools.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Choo Choo!!!

If you don't like YouTube or "can't get on it in work" then you might need BlinkX TV. Did a search on "Thomas Tank" and found a few episodes on there - try this one. Obviously, we're talking about a video website.
Also searched for "Sigur Ros" and found these videos. Let's try searching for Isis. Woah, just discovered there's "Switch to Movie" mode. This plays the video in the entire screen. Here's the results for Isis anyway. It found a lot of videos; one of them is The Beginning and the End.
It seems that Blinx TV searches all the other video sharing sites for the results. Very clever. Here is a thumbnail link that it offers you...

Click to see Video

Have a go yourslef (sic).....

Via Norman Roberts Blogspot

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Jim Noir video

Free, free, free music ..well, it's free music if you close your eyes when you watch the video of "Eaney Meany" by Mr. Jim of Noirden.

How about an MP3 so I pop up on elbows..

Jim Noir - I me you i’m your
Jim Noir - Computer song
Jim Noir - Tell me what to do via Coffee Cup via Dr. Gunni

Does 0.999999...=1 ????

Is this the final word on the subject???
Do you need an excerpt?
"Okay, this is going to be my last post on the topic of how .999...=1, started in this post, and continued here. I will engage in more refuting, but I have begun to see how useless the refutations are because many of the "non-believers" (and I use that word jokingly because, as I wrote here, I don't really consider it a matter of belief) don't bother to visit the refutations page or don't read it if they do. This blog has gotten over 70,000 hits since the original post was on the front page of digg. The discussion there and at numerous other small forums makes it clear that the refutations aren't being read. There have even been meta-discussions on how this fact can get a warning from digg about containing inaccurate information, even though every knowledgeable source of information agrees with me. The only reasonable criticism I found on the digg site is that this doesn't belong in the news because the proof has been around for so long that it ought not count as news. Unfortunately, enough people seem to disbelieve it that even old news needs to be explained just one more time in the hopes that a few people will come to understand the math better.
But on to the refutations. This time, I will do them in decreasing order of sophistication of the argument. This puts the most reasonable first..."
Read On

Here are some more answers: 16 answers generated in 14 mins. Thanks Rob.

Where can I buy a cheap iMac??

The answer is "here". If there's any left.

Refurbed Apple G3 iMacs from only $74 at via The Consumerist

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

"Oh, look it up in a dictionary!"

Advert for my MP3 blog - Clik and Lissen.
The dictionary generator is good.Here is the advert I've made for Clik and Lissen, the pure MP3 blog brother of this one.
Via The Generator Blog which has lots of other cool "generators" such as the Church Sign Generator and all that gunk. It's too hot..

Monday, July 03, 2006

I feel like flying

FLYGUY - this flash game is really nice. You use your arrow keys to fly around in the sky like you're superman and he forgot to get dressed or something. Once you pass the seagulls, clouds and other obstacles including a photocopier(!) you apparently go into space. I can't be bothered doing a screenshot so I'll describe it instead. Black and white line drawings like "Horace goes Skiing"or something. Nice resposive gameplay that just makes you laugh as you take off and fly away in your suit.
Here is the link again - Flyguy.

"I'm sitting in the railway station..."

Here are the chords to "Homeward Bound" via my guitar tab feed
While you're there you may as well check out the chords for "I'm Only Sleeping" by The Beatles too. It's got well nice chord sequences.
Oh, more Simon + Garfunkel - the chords for the classic "I am a Rock". Love this tune. Always thought that Stone Roses' "I am the Ressurection" completely skanked "I am a Rock"(Ripped it off I know copied the ideas). Well, it took the same beat and vibe anyway.
As this blog is a part time MP3 blog I suppose I had better search for some MP3s for you to play along to with your guitar tab.
First, I will try Exploseek. This is basically where I get all my MP3s from when I am searching. Anyway, back in a minute with some MP3s.