Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"The only band that perform in the mosh pit...apparently"

Check out a youtube vid of Lighning Bolt on Last FM
This week's "Intense band I've just discovered" of the week prize must go to the crazy two-piece called...

Lightning Bolt. Here's an MP3 of one of the tracks that captured my attention. It has a bit of melody in it. You see - they are intense, frenetic intense drumming, gargled huge distorted bass. They're like Big Business - only more so... and another two-piece I saw supporting Boris last year and in the Meze in Newport a few months ago - can't think of their name.. Bristol band...

Anyway, back to Lightning Bolt........ here's some music of theirs. Just press the blue arrow to "stream" or download and save the file itself.

Lightning Bolt - "30,000 Monkies"

PS If you click the album photo above you'll go to their Last FM page and you'll see a youtube video of them live. Looks like great fun!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Bloody Valentine "Thorn" Live Amsterdam '89

Classic bit of footage - almost 20 years old. Classic MBV B-side track.

Cornelius - "Sensuous"

This video is just gorgeous and mesmerising. Just acoustic guitars really with sweet reverb for the music and just sideways flying paintdrops and buttons for the vid. YOu can check out more stuff by him on

"Wooden Shjips" We Ask You To Ride

This song is quite Doors-y. But listening to their album is great. Very trippy mostly instrumental music. Never heard of them before last week.

spinal dad should i stay

Go on bruv!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bon Iver -- "Flume"

Wow. It's all I can say about this guy. I downloaded this album and listened to it until I could no more. And then I started again. Something is bringing me back to this music - this beautiful music, this music that aches with emotion - and I want to play it to all my friends - all my friends no matter what style of music they're in to - they will love this - I know cos I've already played it to everyone I can. It seems like just guitar and vocal at first. But there's loads more going on. You need to read the lyrics to really know the level of emotion in this music. I can't cry anymore..

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

New Order live, 1984, 'Temptation'

Classic footage!!! Love watching the studio engineers panic in the background when Barney throws his headphones off!!