Saturday, March 31, 2007

This pic freaks me out...

Check this mad space pic out.....Click here. Taken from Reddit.

"Well I'm sick. I'm so sick.."

Video: Spaceman 3 - "Revolution"

Wow!!!!! What a classic. Noise rock for real.

And some Mono from the Shoegaze playlist on YouTube. I hate that term ( "Shoegaze") but it provides such a history on the internet. I remember when that term first started getting used. Now I'm showing my age!

post-rock mono postrock

Here is a video of Mono live. Mono are one of those bands that get their long slow dark basslines stuck in your head. Scroll down for an MP3 or click below for this video..... "post - rockk"

" I love the climax. If a track could give me an orgasm, this track would be the track to do the trick. It's outright mesmerizing."

Friday, March 30, 2007

"If you love it slow and crushing...."

This is a bloody awesome song too. This is VERY similar to Isis. But less groove and more melodic emotion. This is an epic. Obviously, it's from Lupartakastaja.

Giant - “Calvin”

Very moody....

"the fattest sound system..."

I cannot stop listening to this..... This is like the first time you heard Isis. The first time you saw Mogwai live. The chords of this track are stuck on a forever loop in my head...... Listen to this, download this, burn this to CD, play it on the fattest sound system you have...

A Swarm of the Sun - "Refuge"


A Swarm of The Sun on Myspace. Thanks again to my favourite MP3 blog - Lupartakastaja

"You Laughed Like A Watermark."

New music reviews -
For example, read about the new Boris album.

" album boiling over with gorgeous tension and easy release, of bluesy simmering and cerebral quietude."

Well written site. A competitor to Pitchfork or DiS for reviews of underground music. These sites all remind me of a magazine from the mid-80s called "Underground". It used to give away free tapes and vinyl. It had a graphic layout like a website - lots of different fonts and splash quotes.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Have a break from Youtube

Right. Back to the MP3 action.. of the noise-rock style. Keep hearing of Mono whenever I read about Mogwai or Isis and stuff. Well, here's one of their tracks...

Mono - "The Flames Beyond the Cold Mountain"

This is beautiful stuff. When it starts it's like an exhalation - the sound of the chords.
File under "great noise-rock"

"Shut up. Shut up. Shut up I'll ....."

Korn - "Right Now" Video

By the way, this video is bloody amazing and well sick.....

"I feel so alive.."

Watch a video of one of the heaviest tracks ever recorded.

"I didn't get where I am today by blogging.."

A search for "Reggie Perrin" on You Tube. SEARCH.

"We had your favorite dinner tonight..."

Some "new" stuff I bought in the blackmarket...

Pole - "Heim" (Four Tet Remix)

DJ Sammy - "Heaven" (Featuring little girl) Sims 2 Version

Friday, March 23, 2007


Just been checking out the online record label I like the sound of this track...

Milhaven - "Lord of Birds"

The time signature caught my attention. Like a bit of 7/8 in the intro. Have a check.......

"Check the noise-eruptions.."

12rec - online record label is a cool online record label. Hip hop/ post-rock and stuff. Freeeeeeee mooosickkk. Thanks again to the ever so reliable Finnish mp3 blog - Lupatakastaja.
Check out a track by Jasmin.

Jasmin - "Lernen Von Maedchen". (Linked from

It should be cool electronic beats with chilled guitars....

Here comes the waterworks

Crazy.. Just found out you can listen to the whole of the new album by Big Business in streaming format. Here..

And, you can also check out a band called Drawing Voices.

And....... Zozobra...
Zozobra - Harmonic Tremors (Media Player) for some more crazy streaming action.

All this is linked from the Hydrahead Records blog.
Here's a pic of Zozobra.

"Spend your life hating..."

Listen to the whole new album Conqueror by Jesu!
Jesu - you can hear their whole new album "Conqueror" in streaming format here......

Nice...... I bought the CD of this a few weeks ago. It's really starting to get it's teeth into me now. That's what Jesu tracks always do. The tempo is so slow.... the tracks get your attention over a period of months. Not seconds or minutes like most music.

The streaming audio is fantastic audio quality. If you've got your PC hooked up to a nice, fat hi-fi or sound system I strongly recommend visiting the above link if you'd like to hear music that is melodic, heavy and thoughtful. There's chords in there that are quite Loveless-era My Bloody Valentine. This music, somehow, though, is tremendously uplifting ( Track 3 - "Transfigure").

Buy it..

Myspace page

And a video of Jesu live below...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

"There's only so much Catatonia you can play.."

So EZArchive is working again is it? Well, that's an excuse again for me to shamelessly promote my one complete d'n'b track on tinternet.

DJ Stwobe - "Superlow MF"

Hope the download limit isn't up. If it is you can always get it here,

DJ Stwobe - "Superlow MFF"

from Fileden instead.

Gotta dash. Need to check out
Prefab Sprout, Quo. Wow, what next??? Would he ever dare play DJ Stwobe?? Anyway, very professional radio station and presenter!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

"You choose.."

ATP Festival: May 19th - May 20th 2007: Minehead near Somerset
You choose who you want to play the festival by voting. So far Mogwai and Battles are confirmed and tons of other awesome bands...... Check it out..

ATP Festival

More info

Saturday, March 17, 2007

"..tiny little rocks.."

We've all gone video crazy, ain't we? Huh? Huh? Wha'dyu reckon? Below you will see an MP3 of a new track by EITS or as they're really called - Explosions in The Sky. Below that you can watch a video of a live TV recording of the same track. See what you think. They're space rockers like Red Sparowes and Mogwai.....

Explosions in the Sky - "Welcome, ghosts"

And here is the video of it....

Sand is Over-Rated MP3 blog. Buy the new album!!!!

Reliable Web Storage!!!!!

Tee hee!! Don't tell everyone but this is pretty darn awesome for storing your music and stuff. File Den.. Here's me tune...

DJ Stwobe - "Superlow MFF"

Took 5 minutes for me to suss it out. Although it seemed you could only upload images. I tried again and uploaded my MP3 with no hassle. Are you ready for dirty music like this? Your speakers aren't that's for sure.


Friday, March 16, 2007

"I'm just some name in your book..."

Classic. When The Wedding Present were being being produced by Sir Steve Albini. This gave them that huge hollow snare sound and walls of dirty, terrifying guitars.. they always had that but he made it feel as you were at the gig itself. And I was. Many times. But I don't like to brag...Listen to the beautiful "wah-hed" guitar "solo" towards the end. It fades in very slowly too. Love it...

The Wedding Present - Blonde

Thanks to Song, by Toad MP3 blog as, luckily, his stuff gets linked by The Hype Machine (

"Doesn't matter to me."

Oh yeah. Mr B. Stamps must have visited Asda and bought the Jesus and Mary Chain "Best Of.." as I did last November because he's only gone and posted an MP3 of theirs.

The Jesus And Mary Chain - "Upside Down"

"..mesh a sort of mathy.."

New music by Pelican!
Oh, I see. And Pelican have a new album out soon. Didn't know that either. Come on, the Arcade Fire can "go hang." (Quote:R.Mugabe). Here's an MP3 of a track off their new long player. ever..

Pelican - "Far From Fields"

Thanks to Scissorkick for this one.

Oh my God!! Part 2!!

Battles have got a new album out apparently according to I Guess I'm Floating MP3 blog. Well, it's their first proper album........ here's the MP3......

Battles - "Atlas"

I was just checking out the good, old Hype Machine and there it was.. a link to a new Battles track.

Or check out the video.

Monday, March 12, 2007

"..the full track...."

You'll have to visit Myspace (I'm sorry!!!) for this one.

DJ Stwobe - "Superlow MFF"

Dark, dark, tearing d'n'b. Mind you, I am biased. It's my tune!!!

Big shout to the Soul Rebel!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

"....all the love in the world."

Lullaby versions of NIN songs???

Rockabye Baby! - "Head Like a Hole"

This is linked form the aforementioned MP3blog.Ch.
There are links to samples of all the tracks on the album. I can't be bothered to listen to it myself. I will when i'M IN THE MOOD.

How do I find an MP3 on tinternet?

You know, if there's a cool band you want to check out, some weird American folk guitarist or some noise "post" rock or something. You know where I go, don't you? To the record shop!!! Ah, just joking. I mean when I'm staring at some computer monitor while the world flies by all around me. Where do I go?? Which website??? You should already know the answer. It's called 3hive . As you can see, the labels or tags for this post are "MP3" and "free". That's because that's exactly what you get with 3hive. You're also safe in the knowledge that there is no piracy taking place and you're not ripping any bands off or funding gangs or something. All (most of) the MP3s are tracks that the band have put up for free on their own sites. What 3hive does is to collect these tracks together on a daily basis. The beauty though is that the songs are all categorized into genre (style), band and record label etc. If you fancy a bit of post-rock then u just click on that button. There is another favourite MP3 blog of mine that almost competes with 3hive though. Its called feels more like a blog than 3hive which feels more like a database as it is so organized. Check it out!!! It has categories too - like "post-rock".

Here is the actual MP3 itself........

This post actually includes the new Air track that seems to be doing the rounds. It sounds cool. Not had a proper listen to it yet. Here's the MP3 dorkheads.

Air - "Once Upon a Time" via 3hive

(Press that blue button, wait 2 secs, check your speakers are not mega loud and listen. If you don't like it click the button again to stop it.)

As I said before, this was originally posted on my sparse MP3 blog Clik and Lissen.

Monday, March 05, 2007

".air and more air.."

Here's that new Air track again...this is linked from my pure MP3 blog - Clik and Lissen.

Air - "Once Upon a Time" via 3hive.

I haven't listened to it myself yet. That's the reason I set up this bloody blog in the first place. I would always be surfing the net in work, finding things that I wanted to check out when I got home - like awesome MP3 blogs such as 3hive (indie/noise/folk) or Lupatarkastaja (post-rock, death metal). I record the links onto my blog so I can check them out when I get home. That was the theory anyway. I found that people all around the world were reading my blog and recording links to my blog onto theirs. I'm sure there's technical terminology for what I'm on about but I prefer to use the words I know. It's become a bit of a beast. Although, it is a beast that I can control....mostly...

"..pound your fist..."

Low have a new album out soon. This I did not know. Found this out from a blog called Vague Space. There's a couple of old Low MP3s on there too.

Boing Boing!

Indie for Bunnies has a link to a new Arcade Fire track. Go there.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Just been recommended to check out a band called Sterling. Someone left a comment about them on my long post about Boris.

Sterling on Myspace

Here's a copy of the comment.
"Their new album ‘Cursed’ comes out MARCH 20 on FILE 13 records. The band features ex-members of Atombombpocketknife, 90 Day Men, and Milemarker.

‘Cursed’ contains instrumental dreamy landscapes, distorted bass, pulsating raw drum beats, thundering grand pianos/organs, and metallic guitars. I would recommend this for fans of Shellac, Boris, Tortoise, Don Cab."

Listen to Air...

Didn't know Air had a new album out. Listen to one of their new tracks here...............