Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"....replaced by a demon."

DJ Strobe - "Super Low MF"

This is a track I made a year or two ago. It's a "recent" remix though really.

I think it's storming. I've been trying to get it online for ages now. The original version is on my Myspace (evil service owned by the fascist Rupert "The Bear" Murdoch).

My last DJ slot was May '06. Played the original of this on that night. A couple of people came up to me and said "What was that track at 10 o'clock?". I said "That was me!"

This was the culmination of 10 years of producing and DJing (albiet intermittently). It was the first time I'd actually DJed one of my own tunes.

The track itself is sparse. Dark. Heavy. D'n'B. Dirty. Distorted. 10 mins long. The bass just rolls and warps practically non-stop throughout the whole track.

If you want to listen to it you will have to click on the word itself as opposed to the normal blue arrow. It doesn't seem to stream when I click the blue arrow. The MP3 is stored on EZArchive. I don't think they've quite got their act together yet.

If you left-click Windows Media Player or another music player will load and play it. If you right-click you will have to choose "sAVE tARGET aS" or whatever the equivalent is on Firefox or your Mac.

Enjoy. Oh! And don't download and pretend to your mates that you made this track!

Software used - Acid Pro, Fruity Loops, Wavelab, Octamed. Technology - PC, Amiga. Samples pinched - Laurie Anderson "O Superman" and a guitar sample taken off a Low track.

Here is a link to music that I have made:DJ Strobe on

And here the music of other people that I link to: My MP3s.

And, as usual, I've posted this track on my main MP3 blog - Clik and Lissen.

Here is the MP3, again, that this post is supposed to be all about.

DJ Strobe - "Super Low MF"

Oh yeah, and the reason I called this post "....replaced by a demon." will be revealed when you listen to the track all the way through. Well, at least as far as the big drop/breakdown around about the 8 minute mark.

"I step outside and I walk on by but it's just like your body's been replaced by a demon." Words/rap/singing sample copyright to Howie, my occasional vocalist. Nice one mate, you bring the track together. You ram home the fact that this track is supposed to be dark and technological with the weird phaser effect that I added to your spooky one-liner stolen from an old jam down Newport Transpose Music Studios.

Update: Stupid EZarchive. I've extended my bandwidth eh???? What a shock!!!