Thursday, May 26, 2005

Silence Is A Rhythm Too

Silence Is A Rhythm Too

Nice MP3 blog.......The Orb, Wagon Christ and stufffffffffff.....

iamthelaw mp3 blog

The device is security for this
Nice MP3 blog.

Edan track.

Oh what a beautiful toaster!

Oh what a beautiful toaster!

Epinions is an American review shopping site for practically anything. One of them sites that is updated by us, the "public".

Uplode fotos wiv fotoflix.

Free account to put your photographs on to your blogg.
You get something like 3Gb of space for them. Sounds alright.
"Manage, share, and have fun with your fotos!"
And you can add your own MP3 soundtrack too.
Update: The free account has 10Mb of space. It's a couple of dollars a month for loads of space. Or a one off feee.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Ccx3 Notes: Solving Sudoku puzzles

This tells you how to solve these darn puzzles......

Here's an excerpt..
1. Mark each cell with all the values it could possibly take (tedious but necessary, and requires a the puzzle to be copied onto a suitably-sized piece of paper)

2. Now examine each box, then row, then column and look for N cells that share the same N digits.

When you find them, then all the other cells in the box or row or column may not use those digits.
For example, if in a row the possible solutions to 2 cells are both limited to 1 or 9, then no other cells in that row may have either 1 or 9 as a solution.
These previously possible solutions may be struck out of those other cells , leaving the 2 cells with those 2 digits as allowed solutions.

Another example, if in a column 3 cells have ........."

Speed challenge Sudoku. Changes every time 5 people submit the right answer. I think..

Daily Sudoku

Different Sudoku puzzzle every day...

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Grime Grimm DnB Mixtape

1. Static - Three Nicotine cigarettes (City Centre Offices)
2. Sileni - Twitchy Droid Leg (Offshore)
3. Polar - Mind of a Killer [remix] (Certificate 18)
4. oS - 808 (Cymbalism)
5. Deep Blue - Immersion (31 Records)
6. Mav - The Tubes (Offshore)
7. Breakage - Spiritualism (Breakin)
8. Seba - Inside Your Mind (Secret Operations)
9. Cartridge - Light Cycles (Freak)

This is what Gutterbreakz had to say about this mix::::
"Personally, I think Ben's come up with a nicely-paced selection of interesting tunes that develops well over it 35 minute length. The opening non-d'n'b track from German IDM artist Static sends me hurtling back to mid-90s'intelligent' melodicism before the journey into tricky electro-fried abstraction begins in earnest. Some of these cuts put me in mind of Four Hero around the time of their Jacob's Optical Stairway period, combining crisp drum programming with luxurious synth-textures and sweeping, almost Detroitish strings. Then around the 20 minute mark, the mix locks into a harder breakbeat direction (care of Breakage) and takes-off on a mighty adrenalin rush. Music for the mind, body and soul! Makes me wonder what else I'm missing in the d'n'b scene..."

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Another 99 crazy/weird pics!!!

BOHOL ISLAND, Philippines -- A Philippine Tarsier watches as a photographer takes his picture inside a captive breeding center in Loboc town on Bohol Island. The endangered animal, who feeds on tiny insects is believed to be the world's smallest primate.
Another 99 crazy/weird pics!!!
Actually, it's the old ones updated slightly..

Friday, May 13, 2005

Googlemaps is awesome. Literally.

GoogleMaps just rocks. Pity there's no satellite of the UK tho.
Need to look at America.
Nuts about Google Maps
To cap it all off is a blog all about it. Linkbunnies (the best blog of all) pointed me to the post about a UFO spotted on this satellite pic.

Bay B kane: I found a bit!! Jungle Warriors!!

Xmuzik's Mind Boggling Blog: 2sense ragga jungle set

[00:00] The Underworld - Murder Dem [Fist 2 Fist]
[02:59] DJ Matt & Dr. P - Red (Remix) [King of the Jungle]
[04:50] K-Rox & Montina - Don't Take It! [Skeleton]
[06:30] Smokey Joe - Gimme My Gun [Labello Blanco]
[08:36] Hopa & Bones - So Sweet [Outcry]
[11:33] Top Star & Master Flexer - New Jack in Jungle [Wicked Soundz]
[13:27] Subnation - Golden Hen [Mercyless]
[15:24] Bay B Kane - Jungle Warrior [Whitehouse]
[17:39] Noise Factory - Feel The Magic [3rd Party]
[19:30] M-Beat - Just a Little (Stink mix) [Renk]
[21:28] Doctor Jay & Rush Puppy - (unnamed) [Firm Hand]
[23:26] Dextrous & Rude Boy Keith - Time to Move [Suburban Base]
[25:25] Remarc & Lewi Cifer - Ricky [Dollar]
[27:05] Ed Rush & Nico - Bludclot Artattack (Dark mix) [No U-Turn]
[29:33] Krome & Time – Brockout [Tearin Vinyl]
[30:56] Tom & Jerry - Maxi(mun) Style (Dubplate Mix) [Tom & Jerry]
[33:42] Dillinja – Rastafari [Deadly Vinyl]
[35:39] Andy C & Randall - Feel It [Ram]
[38:23] Hopa & Bones - Ali Baba [In Touch]
[41:10] M-Beat - Shuffle [Renk]
[43:00] Trip 2 - The Erb (remix) [Kniteforce]
[45:20] Decibel - Passing Me By [Decibel]
[47:00] Teebone - The Hornz Man [Riddim Track]
[49:58] Redskins – Entertainment [Redskins]
[52:35] Redrose - Junglist Tempo [Greensleeves]
[55:45] Junglites - Falling [Wicked Soundz]
[57:57] Tarzan & Warren G - Watch All the People [Running]
[61:00] Tom & Jerry - It's Over Now [Tom & Jerry]
[62:40] Fusion - Truth Over Falsehood [Kemet]
[65:03] Lennie De Ice & MC ID - Rare & Jazzy [Do Or Die]
[67:33] Conquering Lion - Stamina [Mango]

Exopolitics..UFO blog.

Longest palindrome in the world.

Longest palindrome in the world. .
a.r.c.t.i.c blog

Thursday, May 12, 2005

LOW Website

Youi can listen to "California", "Monkey", "Sunflower", "Dinosaur Act" and loads of other tracks by Low.
It says they've cancelled all their tour dates cos of health problems.
You can watch their Amsterdam gig at

Low Biography:
"Mimi Parker plays drums and sings // Zak Sally plays bass // Alan Sparhawk plays guitar and sings

Alan Sparhawk rarely uses foul language, preferring the less alarming modifier "stinkin'" to a more common, sharper word that begins with an F. Mimi Parker swears even less often, and since she provides the otherworldly female voice in Low's songs, that fact might prevent fans from getting a potentially jarring shock. Zak Sally, the poker-faced backbone, couldn't be described as chatty-nor would he want to be. For a decade now, the trio has been building music that rewards listeners that meet it halfway—unassuming, often quiet, slow songs that reveal the world when paid the close attention they deserve.

The idea, all that time ago, was to play as slowly and quietly as possible, but over ten years and seven albums Low has evolved from the lonely, reverb-drenched debut album that, confusingly, found them fans in Goth circles (I Could Live In Hope) to a heart-wrenchingly sad, naked album with a 15-minute burst of noise (The Curtain Hits The Cast) to a breathtaking trio of full-lengths (Secret Name, Thing We Lost in the Fire, and Trust) for Chicago indie-label Kranky on which they broke their own early rules by flirting with lushness, with loudness, and with more traditional (read: quicker) song structure. Throughout that evolution, Low never made what could be called, even by the loosest standards, a Rock Record. But if Sparhawk, as the de facto spokesman, were the type to get terse with invisible critics or people who dismiss Low as some kind of one-note slowcore band, he might say of his band's seventh album (and first for Sub Pop) The Great Destroyer, "You want a rock record? Here's your stinkin' rock record."

Try BBC Collective site while you're interested. Theyt've got a studio interview on there and stuff.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Regnyouth archives

Regnyouth archives

Maths Puzzles

Try this bridge crossing puzzle.


The easiest way to explain these thirteen puzzles is with an example: Suppose
you see a puzzle with the four clues

Mariachi Orchestra

Sharp Coloratura

If you match up "Mariachi" with "Coloratura" and "Sharp" with "Orchestra" and
then look for hidden words (as in cryptic crosswords), you get

MariachiColoratura and SharpOrchestra

The missing member of the trio is GROUCHO.

In general, the data to a puzzle will be two equal-length columns of words
or phrases. If you match up the left-clues with the right-clues in the proper
way, you will be able to find hidden words, each of which is composed of
terminal letters of a left-clue and initial letters of the matching right-clue.
These hidden words will in some sense form a set from which something is missing.
Even when there is more than one answer ("What about Gummo and Zeppo?"), there
should be a clear best answer.

In the above example, Chico and Harpo were two members of a natural threesome.
But there are many ways in which there can be "one thing missing". The hidden
words, when properly arranged, could form an excerpt from a sequence in which
an intervening term has been omitted. The hidden words could consist of pairs
together with one unpaired item that admits a natural mate (based on the pattern
governing the pairs that are present). The hidden words may point to some
single word, as "fast," "health," junk," and "soul" all point towards "food".
And so on.

The clues themselves may appear to obey some superficial logic; for instance,
all the clues in the example above pertained to music. Such patterns are merely
decorative, and designed to distract and amuse. Capitalization and punctuation
of clues are to be ignored.

As you solve the twelve puzzles, enter the solutions in the spaces below:

1 ____________ ____________ 2

3 ____________ ____________ 4

5 ____________ ____________ 6

7 ____________ ____________ 8

9 ____________ ____________ 10

11 ____________ ____________ 12

When you have found all twelve answers, you will see before you the thirteenth
and final puzzle."

Quiz - self referential logic puzzzle

Interactive logic quiz.

Non-interactive version.

Ta very much boingboing.

Monday, May 09, 2005 Moovl makes drawings spring into life!

Moovl makes drawings spring into life!

Goto80 - Comsten.."retrofuturistic computergroovoid music noise maker professional deluxe!"

Like I always say, if you're into making tunes an Amiga is the only way..........
Towards the end of the 1980's, together with his brother, Anders Carlsson bought a Commodore 64 homecomputer. Anders changed lifestyle from sporty to geeky and spent most of the following decade infront of either a C64 or its big brother Amiga, making music and collecting massive amounts of soft and hardware. In 2001, after numerous obscure demo recordings, he released Papaya EP on Bleepstreet Records. It was schlagerdubrockelectro made with Commodore 64 and a vocoder. Goto80's eclectic approach to music was tied together by his experience in lo-tech sound programming, and Papaya EP was a hit.

In 2002 he released Bushrunner EP and Goto80 started appearing on compilations and internet releases, such as Philemon Arthur and the Vic, the 8 Bits of Christmas on 8bitpeoples and the mad C64 mega drum'n'bass track Monkeywarning on Monotonik. In 2003 he escaped fame and fortune by emigrating to Australia, to return to Sweden in 2004. He's now living in Gothenburg, continuing his task to realise new ideas with old hardware.

A bunch of C64's running JCH's Newplayer 20.G4 with modifications by Autoboy, an Amiga 1200 running Protracker 2.36, a Gameboy Color running LSDJ or Carillon Player, a PC for mixing and various synthesizers and stuff.

I just push the button and the computers make it happen!

Probably some nostalgic reasons, but also because I often find that limitations result in fresh solutions. And it sounds brilliant. And you don't have to bother with all the mixing and producing and shit. And to show that you don't need that and this and this and this and all of that, to make good music. And to be cool!!

Friday, May 06, 2005

Complete Home Repair

Complete Home Repair

Interview With Barney from Napalm Death 27/04/05

I was uh.. searching for DIY tips on because I'm thinking about installing our kitchen myself....mad....came across this interview with Bernard from Naplam Death...........
"I have been a long time fan of the near-maniacal sounding musical stylings of Napalm Death.
They were pioneers of the underground genre of music known as grindcore. It's Angry. Fast. Extreme. Rooted in punk rock, metal, hardcore and protest music.
For Napalm Death, behind all of the furious screams, blast beating drums and dissonant churning guitars, there was always an ethic of compassion, equality and liberation.
18 years ago they released their legendary debut Scum. They have just released a new one, The Code is Red. . .Long Live the Code. It's an instant classic. Recently, Napalm's vocalist Mark "Barney" Greenway was cool enough to spend some time talking with me via telephone. *This is the result:

DemLeft: What's the idea behind the title of the new album?

Barney: What it was is, we've got this sort of internationally accepted security system which is based on lies which I believe originated in America. It has been around for some years, but I think most countries never accepted it until recently as a viable form for themselves. What it means, I think, I believe blue. . . the color blue represents the lowest threat. And then it goes on through the colors and, supposedly red, you know. When it's "code red" that signifies that's there's an extreme level of threat to national security. So basically, what I'm saying is that for the last couple of years we've been living under this simmering climate of fear and paranoia. And I think that various governments around the world are thinking it's a jolly deal if we live in this kind of "code red" situation where we're led to believe that around the corner someone's going to blow us up, you know. It's a very clever ploy because now we have a great sector of the population believing there is a terrorist attack, if not immanent, it's possible, you know what I mean, or highly likely. So from that, people are starting to accept that our civil liberties should be eroded"
....... READ ON.....

Thursday, May 05, 2005

"I have opinions of my own - strong opinions - but I don't always agree with them."

Many quotes...

"I never drink coffee at lunch. I find it keeps me awake for the afternoon."

-- Ronald Reagan.

"People who like this sort of thing will find this the sort of thing they like."

-- (almost unbelievably) Abraham Lincoln.

Hey, you can't fight in here! This is the war room!
-- Dr. Strangelove

Wherever you have an efficient government you have a dictatorship.
-- Harry S. Truman

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Fjord - Post Rock


Experimental postrock music from the netherlands with world music influences.

Fjord is a 4 men and 1 woman band from The Netherlands generating out of their voices, 1 guitar, 1 sax, 1 flute, 1 keyboard and 1 bas and drums post-music music. Genre: Postrock, postpunk, psychodeli

Superman cartoon from 1942

Superman Electric Earthquake
A mad scientist attempts to blow up Manhattan. Lois Lane investigates and Superman saves the day. Animation by Steve Muffati and Arnold Gillespie, story by Seymour Kneitel and Isadore Sparber, music by Sammy Timberg. Produced in 1942.
Again from the good old Internet Archive

Axle the Freeway Cat

Axle the Freeway Cat in free chidren's books,

Jack Kerouac readings

The internet archive has a section in the audio archive called the Naropa Archive which is thousands of recordings made at the University since 1974. There are quite a few "beat generation" conferences and readings on stuff like Bop etc by Kerouac and the gang.
The internet archive seems so cool cos it's legit/legal you know. Anyone can download the next Interpol album but how many would actually spend time looking thru this magnificent archive..

Jesusonic software....effects processor

Jesusonic. Replace your guitar pedals with this free download.

Download free fx processor..
sounds pretty good..and tweakable..
This is for live Fx..

Dave's Imaginary Sound Space

Dave's Imaginary Sound Space has absolutely tons of audio production PC/Mac stuff etc such as
The Freesound Project."The Freesound Project aims to create a huge collaborative database of audio snippets, samples, recordings, bleeps"
Drumlab is an online drum game thingy - just drag your mouse to hit the kit."The Composer is a Flash music application. You can handle it like a drum computer with a synced-up synthesizer.