Friday, July 08, 2011


Here are my notes for how I use "get_iplayer"....


installed with sudo yum install

then chmod the file in /usr/bin/

(chmod +x get_iplayer)

get_iplayer (this lists all TV programs)

get_iplayer --type=radio Tom (searches radio programs with Tom in title)

get_iplayer --get 12864 (download as root the program using PID from search results)
type: get_iplayer --pid={the web address of your chosen programme} if you want the video in HD then add the command --vmode=flashhd after the web address
or --vmode=flashhigh

get_iplayer --get 296 --vmode=flashhigh

This is the Glasto' highlights..

This is for Linux - Fedora 14 (Kororaa specifically) - these instructions I mean.

Followed the info on


Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Guess who's back?



My sites got hacked - all of them.

Serves me right for having a weak FTP password.

So here I am - back with lovely old Booger - I mean Blogger.

Came across this today - Volunteer for Sustrans bike charity

"Sustrans has recently started an exciting new project in Wales called 'Wildlife Champions' that will enable us to audit, preserve and promote biodiversity on the Network and also to involve new groups of people in understanding the natural world around them.

Wildlife Champions monitor wildlife and conduct biodiversity audits on a selected section of the Network. This enables Sustrans to record, improve and promote the diversity of wildlife on walking and cycling routes."