Saturday, April 30, 2005

Starfrosch Podcast - Tidy like!!!

starfrosch - get some tidy tunes!

German site that has lots of tunes. Each track has explanation.
There's also games to play while you're downloading.
I just got some Stakka and Skynet and some "intelligent drumnbass" called the "Winter and Spring" EP. ....
Winter and Spring EP - Intelligent Drum and Bass
"An experimental dive into atmospheric drill & bass idm. Winter and Spring was originally released on the net early 2004. The original album is no longer available because of the death of its host. So a re-release with ten carefully chosen re-mastered tracks was needed to make this spring complete. .."

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Awsome Hubble Pics

very cool picture of the Eagle Nebula - M16
Lots of cool pics of nebulae and stuff..
The site is really well designed and loads quickly.
Well it does where I am anyway.
Ta very much again seehere.blogspot...

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

regnyouth archives

Dillinja Escape Plan with Mike Patton E.P., Sonic Youth _Sister, Mary Chain, New Order Peel Sessions, ...I gotta do some work!!!

LTJ Bukem Sessions

LTJ Bukem mashes up the place once again!
Progression Sessions at totally fuzzy, dude...

HTML Validator

Go to and type in your URL and find out all the mistakes you've made in you're HTML!

I have 202 errors on this blog!

Blind people reading the web.....

This article on shows how the new Welsh Assembly website has HTML and CSS that is invalid and also made very difficult to read by blind people.
Assemblyonline is an unbiased welsh politics news reader/feeder. Lots of links to explore.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Download Hitchhiker's Radio Series

Go to this post on to download.

99 Crazy Pigs ....I mean Pics.

WEIRD! View 99 unusual photos capturing a variety of strange news. New photos are added frequently!

BRISTOL, Great Britain -- 'Kintana' is the first captive bred aye-aye, an arboreal nocturnal lemur, Daubentonia madagascariensis, a native to Madagascar, to be born in the United Kingdom. Bristol Zoo Gardens announced that it is the first UK zoo to successfully breed and hand-rear an aye-aye, the largest nocturnal primate in the world and one of the strangest mammals on the planet. (15/04/05)

Hitachi, LTD.'s new 8GB Mikey drive is shown with dominoes to demonstrate its smaller profile. Mikey is a new miniature hard drive from Hitachi that can store several thousand songs or pictures in 8 GB of storage. (06/01/05)

MILLAU, France -- People look at the Millau bridge, the world's tallest traffic bridge. Construction workers have nearly completed work on the roadway of the bridge, a viaduct that soars over a valley in southern France. The bridge, reaching about 270 meters (890 feet) at its highest point, will be inaugurated by President Jacques Chirac on Dec. 14 and opens to traffic on Dec. 17. (12/09/04 AP photo)

Music Videos

LOADS (Lots).

Thanks again Chrome Waves.
Such as..
Sonic Youth - Teenage Riot (Dir. Sonic Youth)
New Order - In A Lonely Place

Jesus and Mary Chain Cover by the Shins

One week only in MP3 section of
"Taste of Cindy".

Monday, April 18, 2005

Fiendish Music Quiz

Name all 270 bands in this music quiz posted in the music section of the Observer's blog.

"..This fiendish music quiz has been emailed around the Observer, causing potential productivity meltdown. The blog got it from Snake - yes, his name is Snake - on the Sports Desk, a man with some knowledge of obscure bands.

The record to beat is, I think, 266 out of 270.

No report yet on how the Music Monthly team handled it...."

Astronomy Pic of The Day

I like this one.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


See who's linking you...
...if they use this system to set up their blogroll(linklist)...

Type in your blog's URL in to the search box.. and hey presto!




They want to be the biggest online database for discographies. They are massive mind.

Doorway to Norway.... has mp3s, politics, African tunes.

Get paid to Play Games! Online!

Get paid to Play Games! Online!
"Hundreds of companies around the world will pay you to test their newest games online. In addition marketing companies will pay you to play games and view advertisements while you play."
Found this at
Trying to work out how scammy this all is.


"About BlogHop! Your friendly neighborhood blog portal. Bloghop was made with one thing in mind -- to help readers find good blogs. It's all about the readers, man. If you find a blog you like, rate it, and it'll float to the top for the next reader. "

Afterbirthofthecool - rock MP3 "evaluation" blag - I mean blog.

Afterbirth of the Cool is an audioblog dedicated to popular and unpopular music and is meant to be lighthearted fun.

Very good as well.

"Underground" "Rock" "Bi"-"ogs"

Very long reviews/biographies on people like Sonic Youth, MBV and just under "H" you have : Heavils,Richard Hell And The Voidoids,Helmet,Jimi Hendrix,Heroine Sheiks,High-Back Chairs,Hiretsukan,Hombres,Husker Du.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

2bbk sucks

2bk sucks


MP3s Suck

MP3s Suck you know.

Go out and spend your money.

Music is about what you hear.

So why cheapen it by cutting down on the frequencies etc..

Soon, their will be another "rebellion" towards analogue... I hope..

Free Braekbeat

Funky beat to down laod hear

Either right clik to save or lef c li k to here it...

It's taken righ t off the first 4 beats of \eXPRESS YOURSELF "! by NWA!!!!!!!

it has that submarine noise on it...

Friday, April 08, 2005


Pretty cool news photo thingy. Click here to see it.
"..With no human editors and no regulation, 10x10 is open and free, raw and fresh, and consequently a unique way of following world events. In 10x10, we respond instinctively to patterns in the grid, visual indicators of relevance..."

And a story..
"..This is a personal story of enlightenment, found in a tattered notebook in the library of a burned down mansion, a long tale that seems to twist in on itself like a snake devouring its own tail. It is a map and a manifesto, but who would follow it, for it seems to be drawn inside out with the heavens in the middle of the earth. It is a stone, slammed into the face of reality and left to sink, with the ripples whispering its name across the chaotic seas of time. It is both truth and illusion, duking it out to see who will get the last laugh.

Read on if you would hear my tale…

The cactus had been smuggled up from Peru, and the labels on the bags read San Pedro: Saint Peter, keeper of the gates of heaven. It had sat in the laboratory of the mansion for months, waiting for.."

Both from sagittipottent . I've lost the link to the last bit with the story. If you can find it give me a shout!!!! Ya b*st*rdios!.

Ren and Stimpy Scripts

Scripts, .wavs and .movs and pictures.

"Time-Lapse" .. Plants

Need Quicktime to view these plants growing in "time-lapse".

Another fine post by

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Diffraction - D'n'B

Download a track from their site here.

"Absolute mayhem" apparently.

"...5 good reasons not to steal our copyright!

All our CD’s are currently hand finished by the artists. We take your order, record a CD from our computer (so there is virtually no loss of quality between the master and you), design your album cover, print your album cover, cut it with a guillotine and send it to you. The quality of the printed, finished product is great, and handmade - like proper art should be!

We’re not going to make these CD's by hand forever … and one day we could be famous … so these CDs could be worth a lot of money … and then you’ll be sorry you didn’t buy one …!?!

Most people assume that by downloading a tune they’re only stealing from huge faceless corporations that make millions of pounds a year. We’re a tiny label … there’s like four of us … we make no money doing this …!

Nearly all of the money we make from this goes back into buying better equipment to produce better sounding songs. The more our tunes get downloaded the less we can afford to shell out on new equipment.

MP3’s sound awful. Really bad. Honestly. Sit down with the same song on CD and MP3 and compare them. You wouldn’t be listening to our stuff if you couldn’t hear the difference!..."


Cars are the Stars

The Cars are the Stars on 3hive.

Great site.

"...mixing Mogwai, Boards of Canada, The Merkin Dream and even a pinch of Postal Service. This is one of those tracks I'll listen to over and over and over and in three years when I hear it again, I will be reminded of this time in my life....".

Never heard them...yet..but when I get chance I shall get this track from 3hive and I will listen to it. I will.

And they're French!!!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Hit Kit

Hit Kit Review and minisite with full manuals etc.


Their album reviews are more than just a review...see here..
Mogwai - Government Commissions LP :
"...What was clearest about the ‘Gwai from an earlier stage was how much they meant it. Lead guitarist and musical supremo Stuart Braithwaite promoted the band with t-shirts declaring ‘blur: are shite’, and then went on to explain that if it ever went to court he had the musical training to prove it. When they were invited to record for the Evening Session, the brilliant showcase on national radio started by, of all people, Mark Goodyear, and tragically buried by the moronic ‘dj’ (ahem) Zane Lowe, they produced the monstrous, staggering, 18-minute epic Like Herod. Live, Mogwai are supreme. I saw them at Kentish Town once and audience members were unable to either watch or hear much of the set, so intense was the world-ending noise and light emanating from the stage.."

And M83 " Before the Dawn Heals Us" :
"...somewhere between the vast, glacial movements of Sigur Ros or Múm and the homespun reveries of My Bloody Valentine, what singles M83 out from the crowded milieu of French electronica is the beguilingly energetic pace coupled with intricate respites of almost catchy melody and ghostly vocals...."

Arcade Fire - "Funeral":
"...Arnold Schoenberg, the great pioneer of the classical avant garde, once said that there was still plenty of great music left to be written in C major. I think we can also conclude that there’s still plenty of inspiration left to be milked from the traditional rock form; two guitars, bass, drums, a pounding beat and a baroque keyboard flourish now and again. It must be true since Arcade Fire just proved it. Their new album, Funeral, is so fresh and exciting it’s hard to believe they are operating in an old and potentially stale form. Not only are the songs uniformly excellent, they also show a mastery of the art of controlled dynamics, of tension and release, that most young bands ignore to pursue the catharsis of sustained intensity. But as any woman will tell you, intensity is great, young chap, but you’ve got to build up to it. Arcade Fire sticks to the basics and keeps it simple. There is not a wasted or superfluous moment on this record...."
Great stuff..

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Best 90 Minutes of My Life

Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore on the power of the mix tape.
"..So I made what I thought was the most killer hardcore tape ever. I wrote H on one side, and C on the other. That night, after my love Kim had fallen asleep, I put the tape in our stereo cassette player, dragged one of the little speakers over to the bed, and listened to it at ultralow thrash volume..."
"....For those of us who think that digital delivers a harsher sound than analog, it's a sonic nightmare dealing with the new world reality of MP3s. They're even more compressed and harsh than CDs, and in the case of vintage grooves - be it Led Zeppelin, Bad Brains, or Pavement - sound even more detached from musical vibration..."

Read this later I will..

Cheapest-UK-blank media


"..~ SUIDAKRA: New Song Available For Download ~

German melodic black/death metallers SUIDAKRA have uploaded a full-length MP3 of their track "Reap the Storm" at their newly revamped web site. Check it out at"

"..SUSPERIA, the extreme melodic metal band from Norway..are expected to start work on their fourth album late summer. In the meantime, the band have bowed to pressure from fans and will release the cover songs that they have occasionally been performing at selected shows. The songs "Lack of Comprehension" (originally recorded by DEATH)...."


Excellent blog is oneperfectgreenblanket.
Very clear layout in grass green....

"..I realize this is paramount to heresy what with the great Jimmy Smith barely in the ground and all, my favorite jazz B3 guy's last name wasn't Smith and he didn't really play soul jazz. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me present the great Larry Young."

Monday, April 04, 2005

Jagger Track

I'm hoping this is the track off the "performance" soundtrack I had years ago on tape. Awesome slide guitar.
This tune is on the fantastic diddy wah.
Diddy Wah is a proper mp3 evaluation blog. Lots written about each tune they post. All very well researched as well. Nice blog.

Drumz of The South: Attack of the Yanks

Article about Grime and Dubstep.
"..Grime and Dubstep and the associated genres- Eski, Sub-Low, 8-Bar etc has kicked off in The USA, most obvious within the blogging community..."
DrumzoftheSouth is a "South London based music portal". Very Grimey and....tasty.

Friday, April 01, 2005 is pretty cool

Guiness Book Records
For any geecs out ther:
Internet2 Speed RecordOn 14 April 2004 a team of engineers from Sprint Corporation in San Jose, California, USA, and the Swedish National Research and Education Network successfully transmitted 838.86 gigabytes of data over a distance of 16,343 km (10,155 miles) in 1,588 seconds. The resulting record value of 69,073 terabit metres-per-second was achieved over public networks using IPv4. The start and end points of the transmission were San Jose, California, USA, and the University of Luleå , Luleå , Sweden.
Mixtaper - cool. Download individual tracks. Or listen to mixtape - choose Windowz or Quiktime etc.
Monkeyversusrobot blog has an acapella cover of Pixies "Mr Grieves".
Lots of freeware.