Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Oh my God....

Just got this email....


In August 2005, ATP introduced a new season in London called "Don't Look Back" inviting artists to present a retrospective of one of their works in its entirety. We kicked off the season with The Stooges performing Fun House from start to finish in one amazing show at the Hammersmith Apollo that saw grown men cry. The season finale was the inimitable Dirty Three (with special guest pianist, Nick Cave) performing the stunningly beautiful Ocean Songs at The Barbican.
Since then, we have seen seminal albums performed including Bandwagonesque by Teenage Fanclub who stirred up a melting crowd at The Forum, Tindersticks playing the exquisite Tindersticks II at The Barbican and Ennio Morricone proving why he is The Maestro as he lead 200 musicians through his classic film scores at the Hammersmith Apollo.

Don't Look Back Concerts is proud to announce the first dates for our 2007 season.

London22 August

Sonic Youth
Daydream Nation
London31 August

House of Love
The House of LoveKoko,
London13 September
(1st Creation LP)

"When I first heard Daydream Nation - I thought 'what is this music...?' It was raw, abrasive and reminded me of the Stooges and the Velvets. But nothing else sounded quite like it and it quickly took over to become one of my favourite records ever! From the gatefold sleeve to the heavy vinyl this was a lush piece of art that you took home and cherished. This was a time when CDs were alien to the kids and a few years later Slint released Spiderland. In a way their masterpiece inspired me to start the Don't Look Back season. I would think "how do I get to see all of these songs live?" - I was obsessed. I would check the credits and even look at the run out grooves and long for them to play every last track live, so we are really honoured to kick off the season with these legendary albums and also continue the series with the faithful genius that is the House of Love performing their first LP they did for Creation." Barry Hogan (Don't Look Back Concerts).

Tickets are all available at www.seetickets.com (0870 264 3333) www.wegottickets.com, Stargreen (0207 734 8932) and the venues box office.
For press enquiries please contact Ken from Hermana at
ken@hermana.co.uk or for all other queries, Deborah at deborah@atpfestival.com. Stay tuned to www.dontlookbackconcerts.com for additions to the season."

This is going to be amazing........

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