Wednesday, September 14, 2005

For Crying out Load (That's Loud!)

Listen to Stacs of Stamina here on the werk website.
Euro-Crunk? That's the name of their style.......first heard them last night listening to Huw Stephens on John Peel's old slot on Radio 1.
Rap, British, serious, x-rated is it???Dubstep?????????????? Dirty sparse broke beat........catchy kinda harmonizing chorus too.

Bio below copied from zucchini drive.
"This Swedish group evolved from making dark hiphop to more up-tempo electronica. The new Stacs album “Tivoli” drops this fall on London-based label Werk, accompanied by a 12” and a remix-EP. Stacs of Stamina already worked a.o. Mike Ladd, Busdriver, Yara Bravo, TTC, Modeselektor, and dDamage."

Related artists: videos below.
the world after 4/02: metropoliteVIDEO .mp4
cavemenspeak: episode28VIDEO .mpg

And mp3: (.oggs) in the media section of is a good find too. "Underground hiphop reviews>???

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