Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Grails....Bristol Gig. Sat 15 Apr 2006.

Thekla, Bristol. Sat 15 Apr 2006.

GRAILS The Burden of Hope (Neurot) cd 14.98 The Burden of Hope is the debut full-length by Portland, Oregon's Grails (featuring a member of Jackie-O Motherfucker we're told), revealing them to be a confident, powerful, melodic, entirely instrumental post rock outfit. Their dynamic (quiet-loud, soft-heavy) music is led by violin, which makes this sound a lot like the Dirty Three meets Mogwai or something, with touches of Eastern European folk musics. And when, halfway through the album, they break into a spirited cover of "Space Prophet Dogon" from the Sun City Girls' masterwork Torch Of The Mystics, it makes perfect sense -- they hew pretty close to the original, yet it sounds like one of theirs. This collection of storm-tossed instrumentals is a moody listen, from the quietude of piano and shimmering cymbals to massive rages of guitar/violin/drums. Atmospheric, emotional, sad and dangerous. And totally beautiful. (More info from Label)

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The Burden Of Hope
In The Beginning

Word Made Flesh

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