Monday, July 03, 2006

"I'm sitting in the railway station..."

Here are the chords to "Homeward Bound" via my guitar tab feed
While you're there you may as well check out the chords for "I'm Only Sleeping" by The Beatles too. It's got well nice chord sequences.
Oh, more Simon + Garfunkel - the chords for the classic "I am a Rock". Love this tune. Always thought that Stone Roses' "I am the Ressurection" completely skanked "I am a Rock"(Ripped it off I know copied the ideas). Well, it took the same beat and vibe anyway.
As this blog is a part time MP3 blog I suppose I had better search for some MP3s for you to play along to with your guitar tab.
First, I will try Exploseek. This is basically where I get all my MP3s from when I am searching. Anyway, back in a minute with some MP3s.

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