Thursday, July 20, 2006

Where can I learn SQL?

What is SQL?
SQL stands for Structured Query Language
SQL allows you to access a database
SQL is an ANSI standard computer language
SQL can execute queries against a database
SQL can retrieve data from a database
SQL can insert new records in a database
SQL can delete records from a database
SQL can update records in a database
SQL is easy to learn ..

SQL is a Standard - BUT....
SQL is an ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard computer language for accessing and manipulating database systems. SQL statements are used to retrieve and update data in a database. SQL works with database programs like MS Access, DB2, Informix, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, etc.
Unfortunately, there are many different versions of the SQL language, but to be in compliance with the ANSI standard, they .......(Read On)

This tutorial is taken from the best website I know if you're looking to learn about web design or web programing. It features a clear layout with examples so you cannot leave that website without having learnt something. The site is called W3 Schools.

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