Tuesday, April 17, 2007

"..eerily familiar."

Review of new Boris album. Here.

".It's vintage and totally invigorating. The immediate Pink punk-slap isn't here, but where the former nails one hue and keeps running with it, I can imagine this new, deeper set keeping me cozy for years to come. It's already eerily familiar." Read on.

Nice review on Pitchfork.

The review discusses the track "Farewell" off the previous album "Pink" - how it compares with the new stuff. If you want to listen to Farewell then follow the below link and you can play and listen to it...

Streaming: Boris - "Farewell" (it is an incredible track - a massive, crunching "shoegaze" ballad)

Update: You can listen to some of the new Boris album on Sogou as well. Boris. (Try the longer MP3s nearer the top of page.

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