Tuesday, December 04, 2007

They have no vocals.

Yep, ere is a little MP3 for you..

65 Days of Static - "A Failsafe"

Now, if you're new to this you might not know waht to do with the above MP3 link. Preferably, you can click on the little blue arrow next to the link and the music will start playing when the text next to arrow turns from "loading" to "playing". If you really want to download it then "Right Click and SAVE AS." if you're on a pC and do that thing you do on a Mac if you're on one.. A Mac that is..

Also, in case anybody doesn't like me making this MP3 available for download then I will remove it. Just leave a comment..

As for the song itself, well.. let's start with the band...... a mix of sampled electronica, programmed beats, wall-of-noise guitars and live beats. The above track is from their newest album from a few month back... Oh, and their name is actually written as "65daysofstatic". No gaps. They have no vocals. Most of the time.

Here is a quote form their page on Wikipedia..
"The band have repeatedly stated that they love playing live. Towards the end of 2005, in a mailout to subscribers of their newsletter, they said that they were "a little disappointed" only to have played 91 shows in that year. They have received critical acclaim from independent music websites, such as Drowned in Sound, for their live shows.."


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