Friday, September 11, 2009

4 hour doubstep session

If you go to this link before Wed Sept 16th at 10pm then you will be able to hear a 4 hour dubstep session. After that it will be back to the normal drum'n'bass show with Chrissy Chris

. The link takes you to BBC iPlayer. There's some gnarly dubstep on there.

The track on there by Matta realllly did it for me - fast,warping basslines.

.. for those who always bore me by saying that dubstep is slowedd down drum'n'bass..... in a way dubstep is faster because the basslines are faster - d'n'b needs slow basslines most of the time or if not slow then very clipped and glitchy.. dubstep can have full, warping basslines with double the tempo of your average d'n'b b-line - dubstep is like a bit of a wake up call sometimes after years of d'n'b.

Anyway, here is your link for the page for the dubstep sesh on iPlayer

If, like me, you use Linux/Ubuntu and you have problems running Flash stuff then do what I did. Search Ubuntu forums to find out how to fix it. I'll post this then find the link in a minute and post it later. Basically, search the forums for Flash, wade through and you'll find an explanation of how you have to UN-install 3 bits of flash-related software using SYnaptic.

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