Monday, May 23, 2005

Ccx3 Notes: Solving Sudoku puzzles

This tells you how to solve these darn puzzles......

Here's an excerpt..
1. Mark each cell with all the values it could possibly take (tedious but necessary, and requires a the puzzle to be copied onto a suitably-sized piece of paper)

2. Now examine each box, then row, then column and look for N cells that share the same N digits.

When you find them, then all the other cells in the box or row or column may not use those digits.
For example, if in a row the possible solutions to 2 cells are both limited to 1 or 9, then no other cells in that row may have either 1 or 9 as a solution.
These previously possible solutions may be struck out of those other cells , leaving the 2 cells with those 2 digits as allowed solutions.

Another example, if in a column 3 cells have ........."

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