Friday, May 06, 2005

Interview With Barney from Napalm Death 27/04/05

I was uh.. searching for DIY tips on because I'm thinking about installing our kitchen myself....mad....came across this interview with Bernard from Naplam Death...........
"I have been a long time fan of the near-maniacal sounding musical stylings of Napalm Death.
They were pioneers of the underground genre of music known as grindcore. It's Angry. Fast. Extreme. Rooted in punk rock, metal, hardcore and protest music.
For Napalm Death, behind all of the furious screams, blast beating drums and dissonant churning guitars, there was always an ethic of compassion, equality and liberation.
18 years ago they released their legendary debut Scum. They have just released a new one, The Code is Red. . .Long Live the Code. It's an instant classic. Recently, Napalm's vocalist Mark "Barney" Greenway was cool enough to spend some time talking with me via telephone. *This is the result:

DemLeft: What's the idea behind the title of the new album?

Barney: What it was is, we've got this sort of internationally accepted security system which is based on lies which I believe originated in America. It has been around for some years, but I think most countries never accepted it until recently as a viable form for themselves. What it means, I think, I believe blue. . . the color blue represents the lowest threat. And then it goes on through the colors and, supposedly red, you know. When it's "code red" that signifies that's there's an extreme level of threat to national security. So basically, what I'm saying is that for the last couple of years we've been living under this simmering climate of fear and paranoia. And I think that various governments around the world are thinking it's a jolly deal if we live in this kind of "code red" situation where we're led to believe that around the corner someone's going to blow us up, you know. It's a very clever ploy because now we have a great sector of the population believing there is a terrorist attack, if not immanent, it's possible, you know what I mean, or highly likely. So from that, people are starting to accept that our civil liberties should be eroded"
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