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German JungleDrum 'n' Bass Online Magazine

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"Polling -
Your opinion - D&B of bell tones for the Handy:

Completely nicely
If well - ok one!
Does not have to be
Bulletin hit!"

Results "

What is Drum'n'Bass? (of Kingsley Mars-resound)Which represents meanwhile a complex mixture from different influences and music styles, had modest roots.Even if many are divided over the determination of the first D'n'B plate, one can say that the combination of Lenny Dee's TRACK ' incoming goods of acres IE ' and release ' Baz De Conga ' brought the stone on Perfecto from the year 1989 in rolling. This work consisted of an interaction of many new ideas and sounds, whereby the connection is to be particularly emphasized saxophone of the employment of ' Monkey Say, Monkey DO ' with the Steel town center bleeps and Gospel Vocals.The crucial Kick however, which should reflect the attitude of this music from now on, brought with security Steve Bicknells mixture dull/musty, rolling Subbaesse with crack-ends Breakbeats, under from merciless Synthie attacks.With the constantly increasing number of the Piratensender in London and developing new clubs and labels, the basis of this new music form was created.Although the labels Mendoza and Reinforced, which were created in the spring 1990, predicted their own way to this music with their releases, this music form to at the end of of 1991 still ' bake tons bake ' with others Dance music styles played.But changed soon: The speed took too and thus became the break of the origins - (Acid)House - more visibly, likewise the individual Styles of the individual producers.Fresh wind and an important cut brought then release to ' Psychotronic EP ' from ' Earth Leakage Trip ' on that straight created label Moving Shadow and those increasingly on the Dancefloor cut publications, which were certain primarily by the labels Sub cousin, Ibiza and sound OF The Underground.Nebula II's ' Flatliners ' embodied the ' Darkside ' sound of 92/93. Threatening and dark sounds, inspired by Belgian Techno, worked together with the Groove.Likewise involved in the evolution this Styles in the ' Dark & Moody ' region was also Leeroy Smalls label ' formation ' from Leicester. The speed of the Beats continued to increase - bpm (beats by minute) increased from the region by 140 on up to 170!In place of dark elements more and more became hochgepitchte Sprachsamples as well as so-called ' barrier OF sound ' - Synthieakkorde into the ever faster becoming music integrates. A critical point in the development of Breakbeat was reached. Because many designated this music as Mickey Mouse sound and prophesied the imminent end of the category.Goldies ' terminator ' and a Whitelabel with the stamp ' TIC TAC Toe ' finally brought the very dynamic and completely overturned Underground on a new level: The white pressing impressed ripe one and Goldies dagewesenen yet with work convinced by technical finesse.Goldies work with the label Reinforced and surely also its legendary personality and enthusiasm always trend-setting for D'n'B made it the public sign of the music. He was finally also a first producer, who was gesignt with major (London record).1993 created LTJ Bukem its label Good Looking record. From there there was a Split in the music. Even if most accept ' Music ' are the pion he work of the more more musical form of the D'n'B, then were nevertheless LTJ's earlier works ' Demon's Theme ' and ' Atlantis ', which formed the platform for what later ' Ambient ' or ' intelligent ' Drum'n'Bass should be called.For which however Bukem had carried pioneer work out, was however neither ' ambient ' nor ' intelligently ', but rather one structured more Herangehensweise to the production, with which less attention perkussiven than many more one dedicated to the atmospheric elements.This again-defined ripe one particularly expressed itself by the work of Rupert park (alias Photek). In 1994 became of course on ' Good Looking ' as well as ' Certificate 18 ' works of it released, but particularly its publications on its own label ' Photek record ' proved a raid into before still unknown terrain. Its plates were different than all so far there been in this category: Sub orbital atmospheres imprisoned in the claws of parks inimitable Beats and frames from meagerly sown pulsating basses.1994 were also the year of the first Longplayer. To be called must here 4 Hero's ' parallel university verses ': An abstract double album, on which Vocals and the first unification were to be heard of jazz with Drum'n'Bass. Marks of Mac and Degos technical Skills made most speechless: 70 minutes full-packed with more were at all used fresh BREAK than in the preceded 6 months, as well as new production engineering e.g. a filtering - an element of Beat programming from then on any longer which can not be excluded.This recent discovery and integration of the jazz rang a turning point. From now on jazz elements in a set of publications emerged. Perhaps at the most remarkable with the ' Icons ' project of Blame & Justice on Justice label ' decaying Urban jazz ', as well as on D*Note's ' Criminal Justice ' Longplayer.The city Bristol and the Bristol Style born there impressed the Jungle scene at this time with the ' Full Cycle ' label. Together with Bryan Gee's Londoner label ' V Recordings ' published it a tide from works. Artists such as Roni Size, Krust, which, Flynn & Flora and Bill Riley had thus been able to create a forum, on that them jazz, Dub and in a completely new way could present Smokey Trip Hop of elements.1995 were the year of the ' Techstep '. Even if the term were taken over by the Compilation LP of East London of the label ' Emotif ', it is all-side well-known that DJ trace, Nico could celebrate with NO u-turn, as well as Grooverider with its label prototype with new sounds a Revival of the Darkside come into oblivion! Release such as Blame's ' planet Neptune'und SOURCE Direct's ' Snake Style ' - even if latter more were based on the technological side of the movement - affected the direction of the Techsteps and the careers of some artists 2 years later.In 1997 several development trends in the now world-wide propagation of Drum'n'Bass were recognizable. A second wave of the Majorsignings fallow on and LP's of DJ Krust, 4 Hero, Adam F, Goldie, SOURCE Direct and Dillinja were expected, during fresh Longplayer appeared e.g. Photek's ' mode Operandi ', as well as the Full Cycle crew Reprazent with Lobeshymnen ueberschuettet became. The latters won 1997 also the prestigious Mercury Music Award.Auf of the other side were labels, as for example James Lavelle's ' Mo'Wax ', strongly to it interest D'n'B producer in the instrumentelen Hip Hop range to merge and turned around.While many presented the Produzenten/DJ's in the USA as well as in Japan, gesignten by major labels, humans their music, ever more club and Piratensender were those, ' who spread the word ' in England.Starting from 1998 Drum'n'Bass was regarded further as its own music. 4Hero's ' 2Pages ' showed the world exactly, where this Bedroom producer developed: Musician without rules. From all large names albums were announced or published. All signed either with a major or on their own label sufficient financial security attained - indications of how strong the market had become in the meantime.As independent category Drum'n'Bass stays further completely at the point of the technical and production-referred innovation, while the constant dynamics of the music and scene secure your longevity and stability"....

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