Thursday, February 23, 2006

"...bad news bears"

"Dirty punk, rock n roll, old school hip hop and electro beats n' bleeps for the head banging acid freaks and the bad news bears."

That's 's description of itself. Here's some excerpts below. Found this MP3 blog while searching on for some tracks by Medications after seeing their pictures in the Southern Records picture gallery.

"Medications hail from Washington DC and have recently released “Your Favorite People All in One" on Dischord. The trio itself consist of Devin Ocampo (ex Faraquet and Smart Went Crazy), Andrew drums. Unsuprisingly then, Medications sound a lot like Faraquet (pronounced fair-a-ket) - two of their members are still on vocals, Ocampo is still shredding those guitar-lines and Molter is still laying down some thick and rubbery basslines..." Read On

Medications - 'twine time' mp3 mp3 >
Medications - 'safe and sorry' mp3 mp3 >

Another MP3 I've just read about on there is Lync - Perfect Shot ....."showcasing Sam Jayne's open tunings and frantic/shouty vocals; which combine with James Bertram's own heavy bass sound - we're talking Jesus Lizard here - to create a shitstorm of distortion and background hiss that's undeniably their own. Jayne and Betram fight it out for predominance, while Schneider plays the drums as well as anyone could hope to do under the circumstances. Actually, no, he's controlling things..." Read On.

Also, check out Jack Rose - Kensington Blues.

"If you haven't heard Jack Rose he plays steel-stringed acoustic guitar, and blends blues and folk with Eastern and Western elements. He also plays in the Richmond band, Pelt and has spend the last few years tranversing the globe in both projects. He kick starts his set with Kensington Blues - the title track from his most recent album. Much like the late folk intrumentalist, John Fahey, he enjoys pushing the boundaries of what a guitar can achieve and is more than a master at his craft..." Read On.

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