Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Ocean

The Ocean " Une Saison En Enfer" mp3 4:57.
The Ocean " The Human Stain" mp3 2:20 edit
The Ocean " The Greates Bane" mp3 edit
Off "Aeolian" CD. From their site.

"We don't really feel part of any scene. We simply play the music that feels right to us and we invite everyone to enjoy it with us. In fact, we have all different types of people coming to our shows: there are thick-glassed fall-on-the-floor emo kids, metal heads, black-haired button-dudes, Betty Page Girls, Neurosis-Crusties...everything you can think of. And I think that's great. The German scene is pretty weak, because it's so damn insecure. Most bands are peering over to Scandinavia or to the US all the time, and they feel inferior before they even grab a guitar. That's ridiculous. There has always been a scene for experimental music here, but strangely enough mostly a scene of "listeners", not of "partakers". Germany has not really spawned any good bands that we can relate to, musically, so we feel a bit isolated in our own country... German media are very conservative. They don't support local bands a lot, it's not like in the UK or in Scandinavia, for example. Here, they don't appreciate bands who try to reinvent themselves with every record, this is confusing to many of them. It is strange but true that we are getting almost more attention from British, French or Scandinavian media than from German. I don't like this fucking country. It's cold and rainy and people suck. We're gonna emigrate one day... " Read On

Via UltimateMetal Forum interview with band via DJ Martian.

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