Monday, June 12, 2006

The Locust - "Plague Soundscapes"

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"Third album of bewildering and brutal sci-fi hardcore from LA band now signed to Epitaph subsidiary Anti-. Cramming 23 songs into 21 minutes, this is a juggernaut of short, sharp blasts of fury, featuring highly advanced musical technique and a deeply cynical outlook typified by such song titles as'Can We Please Get Another Nail In The Coffin Of Culture Theft'."

"This is a frantic,spazzcore album with riffs all over the place,its kinda mathcore but is too unpredictable even to be mathcore,thats how twisted it is,we are talking about 23 songs in just 21 minutes of playing time,it is like fall of troy and dillinger escape plan and the end in some ways but in other ways it is just too insane to compare them to anyone,the lyrics reveal themselves to be twisted and confusing as well,it works though,it is hard to pick a stand out track as such as they are all so mad but you could do worse than listen to the songs Earwax Halo Manufactured for the Champion In All Of Us, and Late For A Double Date With A Pile Of Atoms In The Water Closet,if mathcore is becoming too tame for you then pop over and have a listen to this,you may well see your music in a new light,startling.."

"The most professionally orchestrated head-mash ever". I aint gonna lie to anyone, this album is as intense as they come. As a teenager i suffered from epilepsy and this band are the closest thing to a seizure i have ever experienced. Believe it or not, that is a good thing. These guys have taken the rule book, torn it up and re-written it. the ease these guys seem to play with is sickening. All four members play off each to give a real treat. If you are looking for hooky melodies and sing along choruses dont bother. They sound like an angle gringer and a rhino fighting. Their 30 second songs are crammed with the intensity of a 4 minute dillinger song. If you are looking for dischordant genius pick this album up and prepare yourself.

"Blah blah blah im not gonna go into it but this is the best album in the world simple as that. listen to this before you die its that important."

"Sweet mother of jesus!" was the first thought that popped into my head when I stuck this gem into my cd player, followed shortly by 'what the hell have I gotten myself into here!'. This album is pure chaos. Pure, unadulterated noise on a level that I have never experienced before.

"The Locust don't simply do away with convention, they throw away all the rules and make an entirely unique form of music. At first I found this album 'difficult' to get along with to say the least, and I'm a big fan of other discordant bands such as DEP, The end and Ephel Duath. But after a few listens, the wall of noise produced by The Locust on this album really started to sound good."

"The best way I can describe the sound on this album, is light speed hardcore/noise metal, ultra heavy and loud, with high pitched, completely non-intelligible screaming on top. The Locust employ extremely unpredictable and unconventional song structures, with frenetic time changes (every few seconds or so!) and a complete lack of melody what so ever. Songs jump from one place to another very quickly and unless you're listening intently it can get very confusing at times! Truly ground breaking stuff."

Listen to some MP3 s..s...s..s..samples of The Locust - "Plague Soundscapes" album.

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