Friday, June 23, 2006


MEDIA SHIFT - Top notch pro blog/site about the digital revolution etc called. The excerpt below is taken from an article about MP3 blogs and what you can do with RSS and all these new technologies when they're combined.
I need to do this.....

"Here’s his system for finding and obtaining new music:
I feed my PC about 10 tracks a day on average, mostly through MP3 blogs like
Soul Sides .
The procedure goes like this:
1. Surf sites at work and tag specific MP3 files as “adrock1999cast” via
2. Convert the RSS feed into a podcast using Feedburner(I only had to do this once)
3. Paste this Feedburner link into iTunes as a podcast (again, only once)
4. All the music I find at work is magically downloaded to my home PC and then my iPod!"

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