Friday, March 23, 2007

"Spend your life hating..."

Listen to the whole new album Conqueror by Jesu!
Jesu - you can hear their whole new album "Conqueror" in streaming format here......

Nice...... I bought the CD of this a few weeks ago. It's really starting to get it's teeth into me now. That's what Jesu tracks always do. The tempo is so slow.... the tracks get your attention over a period of months. Not seconds or minutes like most music.

The streaming audio is fantastic audio quality. If you've got your PC hooked up to a nice, fat hi-fi or sound system I strongly recommend visiting the above link if you'd like to hear music that is melodic, heavy and thoughtful. There's chords in there that are quite Loveless-era My Bloody Valentine. This music, somehow, though, is tremendously uplifting ( Track 3 - "Transfigure").

Buy it..

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And a video of Jesu live below...

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