Tuesday, March 06, 2007

How do I find an MP3 on tinternet?

You know, if there's a cool band you want to check out, some weird American folk guitarist or some noise "post" rock or something. You know where I go, don't you? To the record shop!!! Ah, just joking. I mean when I'm staring at some computer monitor while the world flies by all around me. Where do I go?? Which website??? You should already know the answer. It's called 3hive . As you can see, the labels or tags for this post are "MP3" and "free". That's because that's exactly what you get with 3hive. You're also safe in the knowledge that there is no piracy taking place and you're not ripping any bands off or funding gangs or something. All (most of) the MP3s are tracks that the band have put up for free on their own sites. What 3hive does is to collect these tracks together on a daily basis. The beauty though is that the songs are all categorized into genre (style), band and record label etc. If you fancy a bit of post-rock then u just click on that button. There is another favourite MP3 blog of mine that almost competes with 3hive though. Its called mp3blog.ch.
MP3blog.ch feels more like a blog than 3hive which feels more like a database as it is so organized. Check it out!!! It has categories too - like "post-rock".

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