Thursday, September 21, 2006

As my systems are down in work..

....I've actually got 5 minutes to check all the RSS alerts I receive on my Bloglines account. There's hundreds to check. I'm typing this as fast as I can before somebody interrupts me and stops me blogging about one of my favourite all-time songs that I just found on Moistworks. Here it is..

Dandy Livingstone - "RUDY A MESSAGE TO YOU"

There we go. If anyone interrupts me now I can just whack the publish button and then it's out there. I've learnt to put the actual MP3 near the top of the post. If I put it toward the end of a long post then it doesn't show up on "" - only the first few lines of text are used.

Anyway, that tune. It is everything I love about reggae/roots/ska/rocksteady - the big, warm bass, the slow, careful vocals, the pianos, the warm rugged production, the satisfying verse/chorus structure, the catchiness of the vocals. The sort of music that you always enjoy no matter what mood you are in. The blog that posted this MP3 is Moistworks.

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Unknown said...

Nice one Blad
Lovez that toon i dooz