Tuesday, September 05, 2006

"..quiet interludes and giant swells.."

Yep, you can always rely on Brainwashed. If you're in the mood to check out some new, mental music - normally some crazy grindcore/noisecore stuff - then do what I do visit the aforementioned site. They normally provide clips of a few tracks from the band they're reviewing. The clips do not last forever though so you'd better check 'em out and download them if you like them..Here is today's offering..The band are called Xasthur and they are on Hydrahead Records , home to Isis and Pelican and stuff I think. So here are the MP3 clips..

Xasthur - "Prison of Mirrors"
Xasthur - "Trauma Will Always Linger"
Xasthur - "Loss and Inner Distortion"

I haven't listened to the tracks myself yet so here is a part of the review...

"Black metal has officially disintegrated and transformed into a genre that's as deserving of the adjective "metal" as it is of "ballet." Malefic's dense, foggy, and self-abusive Xasthur project might feature guitars, unintelligible vocals, and all the drama a high school student could ask for, but it is a creature deserving of its own musical kingdom. All the Sunn O))) relationships and mentions of Darkthrone in the world won't make this a metal album.."

What do you mean you don't fancy it?????

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