Friday, September 15, 2006

"..the stuff of legend.."

As G-man will testify, I bought Zero Tolerance magazine yesterday. It features a massive interview with Jesse Pintado. He is the guitarist of Terrorizer and was ex-Napalm Death too. Since the magazine was printed he actually died of a diabetic come at the end of August. I've just been reading the tributes to Jesse Pintado on the Roadrunner Records website. I've only read half of them but one made me laugh! The comment was about how the Roadrunner website announced his parting.

Here is how Roadrunner announced it -
In a recent interview with, Pintado spoke about his final days in NAPALM DEATH.

"The departure was basically due to a variety of reasons," he said. "We shared a house together, we toured together, we were always together, but people move on. Along the way there was a little rough bumps, though I don't know. In my situation it got to the point where I needed a little fresh start. I'm still good friends with the guys; there's no animosity there, we're all cool, and they're happy with what I'm doing."

"Asked if the media twisted the situation in some ways since it was reported that the band stated he had personal problems and alcohol issues," Pintado replied, "Yeah, of course. The other day I was browsing the Internet, and they stated I was dead! I thought 'Oh shit, I'm dead!' I really don't pay much attention to that."

Well, the comment is about the bit I've highlighted in orange. Here's the comment that made me laugh/chuckle:

"why in god's name have they posted the interview excerpt about Pintado talking about his death on the internet? ..its almost as if to say ''you got owned'' or something. Its really really bad taste and they wouldn't dream of doing such a thing with Douchebag Darrell and all his fat ugly minions on here."

If you don't get it don't worry about it.

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