Tuesday, September 05, 2006


The Locust - artwork of album sleeve
This is to tell you all about a crazy band called The Locust. Here is an Mp3 of some of part 2 of their album called "Safety Second, Body Last".

The Locust - "One Decent Leg / Movement Across the Membrane"

Enjoy.......if that's not enough there is another track by them on Clik and Lissen.

Quote: This album "flows like a classical symphony, flying through five movements at lightening speed." Just don't forget we're talking about mental, screaming grindcore...

I've just ordered this album. It's only £4:69 or something because the album is two huge long tracks. P+P is £1:50 ish. 3 days delivery time!! Here is the link to buy it - the link to buy it.

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