Monday, May 22, 2006


ÖLVIS - 'Mental Freedom' from the album "The Blue Sound"

"Second album from Orlygur Thor Orlygsson, almost exactly a year on from his self-titled debut - an album that garnered rapturous praise in certain quarters. Whereas his debut was effectively instrumental, aside from occasional understated background vocals, ‘The Blue Sound’ heralds a massive progression for Olvis; six of the eleven tracks here feature Orlygur singing in Icelandic, layered over epic, lush orchestration, to stunning effect.lThe album also features Sigur Ros members Orri Dyrason and Georg Holm - the first time they’ve appeared together as guest musicians on a record. Similarly, also guesting on ‘The Blue Sound’ is Maria Huld Markan Sigfusdottir, violinist with Amina, Sigur Ros’ string quartet. Elsewhere on the album are members of Apparat Organ Quartet and SK/UM, as well as other highly respected Reykjavik musicians. The entire album was written and produced by Orlygur himself, and has undoubted crossover potential, with potential appeal to the chillout crowd (a track from his debut album opens the new Global Underground ‘Afterhours 2’ compilation) as well as followers of Sigur Ros, Stafraenn Hakon and beyond. "

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