Monday, May 22, 2006

Silver Ray

Silver Ray - "Burning Romance" from the album "New Love"
Silver Ray - "No need to try" from the album "This is Silver Ray"
via Pharmacy Records

"Burning Romance" by Silver Ray is like twelve minutes long....spaced-out, bit like the first track on the newest Mogwai album...well, it's got pianos on it anyway. Read about Silver Ray in the Guardian printed newspaper. Their CD was classsed as a classic recent deleted re-issue or something.

"Beautifully titled, New Love has a magnificent warmth and uplifting feel. Listening to it in my car I regularly find that I can’t remember the last few kilometres of road that I’ve recently driven down. It’s the sort of music that picks you up very softly, transports you in a massive crescendo, and then gently plants you down again ready for the next track. Silver Rays brand of music sticks visuals in your mind – 'Come On Baby' gives me that great feeling of raw excitement and youth like driving your first car down to the beach for the holidays. What I particularly like about this music is that in a 12-minute track nothing stays still, everything changes but remains the same. The subtleties of Silver Ray make them stand above most other bands at the moment. Silver Ray is like nothing that is going around at the moment. A 3 piece band that sound like silence and a 20-piece band all in one. Do your ears and your headspace the favour. Buy it."

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