Monday, May 08, 2006

Viking Skull

Here you are Dan. Found some Viking Skull for you.

Quote - "For Raging Speedhorners Gordon Morison (drums), Frank Regan (guitar) and Darren Smith (guitar) with Roddy Stone (vocals) and Waldie (bass) Viking Skull provides a chance to take a break from the heavy-duty pounding metal and play some sleazy, laid back rock. And carry on drinking … Having already collapsed one venue floor under the feet of a furiously manic mosh pit, the VS formula of mixing Black Sabbath's groove, Deep Purple's pulsing rhythms and AC/DC's libido, this coolly confident act is stepping up a level. Recommended!
'Get in, get ****ed and get out' - 7 words that prompted the existence of Viking Skull.
" Source:Fibbers

Mate, if you click the blue button below the MP3 should start loading then playing so watch your volume level clart. If you need me to find some more tunes give me a shout or leave a comment. Seriously.

Here is the MP3:
Viking Skull - "Crank the Volume"


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