Friday, May 12, 2006

DJ Martian's Top 100

Click here to see DJ Martian's top 100 albums of 2006. Thing is though - the list goes up to 629 or something!!!!

Here's one band that sound interesting - Alcian Blue (compared to MBV). I've followed his links and plucked the free MP3s from the band's website. Click the blue button dude!!

Here is an excerpt of the review off the label's site....

"Alcian Blue
What's The Story?Washington, DC-based Alcian Blue, whose early limited-edition EPs drew favorable comparisons to the likes of My Bloody Valentine and Jesus and Mary Chain, have been been around for almost five years, recording records in their basement and developing an underground fan base both locally and globally. The sudden departure of their drummer late last year left them wondering what the future held for DC’s loudest rock band. It was right at this time that vocalist/guitarist Jake Reid and his then girlfriend (now wife) Kim started writing a batch of new songs with heavy drum machine beats and walls of synths and guitars. Blending the neo-shoegaze influences from their past releases with the haunting landscapes of early ‘80s icons like Joy Division/New Order, The Cure, and prime time Depeche Mode, the new sound showcased on Alcian Blue presents a fresh perspective and groundwork for exploration. Fans of the aforementioned legends, as well as modern groups like Interpol, The Editors, and Film School will love Alcian Blue. If this record isn’t loud enough, head to one of their shows and see why the comparisons to My Bloody Valentine aren’t due to the music but the sheer volume in which they present their dark ominous sound."

Alcian Blue - "You Just Disappear"
Alcian Blue - "See You Shine" via DJ Martian's List on Rate Your Music. You are a legend Mr. Martian!

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