Saturday, May 06, 2006

Mike Patton. Does he never quit???

If you go to clik and lissen today you will see that I have linked to some tunes off an album called "Romances" by Patton & Kaada.(The Mp3s on clik and lissen are now gone though!) It's described on mp3maniaco as ,like, ambient soundscapes to make love to or something.
Doesn't sound like your normal Mike Patton project though does it??? No screaming?? No breakbeat? No mentalist heavy guitar noises? No jazz rhythms or terror??
This sounds pretty cool if you like anything on the chill out end of the spectrum and..weird.

Quote - "If you're looking to rock out stay away from Romances. But if you're in search of something different and could use a soundtrack for getting hot and bothered with the coolest and weirdest significant other possible, I highly recommend this album."

I think I need this. I think I'll buy it. On vinyl.

Press the blue button to listen to the first track off the album:

Patton & Kaada - "Invocations" (...and this MP3 has buggered off too and I can't any more of this online. Looks like you'll have to visit a specialist music shop or something to check this out clart.)

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