Monday, May 22, 2006

Port Royal

PORT-ROYAL - 'Jeka' via Resonant

"The Resonant label's quest to unearth new artists continues with this magnificent, sprawling, widescreen debut from Genoa-based guitar collective Port-Royal. The first incarnation of the band surfaced in July 2000, with the "Kraken" EP issued in CDR form by Italian label Marsiglia Records in early 2002 - and their art further fine-tuned via several live shows in their homeland. "Flares" is the result of more than two years of home recording, and displays scope and ambition that exudes confidence - almost arrogance - in their own vision and ability. The ten tracks herein total the maximum 78 minutes, with tracks 3/4/5 and 7/8/9 being two expansive compositions in three movements apiece - the latter being the album's centrepiece and title track.
Although "Flares" has much in common with the likes of labelmate Stafraenn Hakon, for example, there's no way you could classify this as simply a post-rock album; Port-Royal utilise understated electronic beats and subtle spoken vocal samples as well as guitars, and have created a body of work with no obvious parallels or comparisons.
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