Friday, May 05, 2006

Clik and Lissen!! MY NEW BLOGG!!!!! MP3 only!!!!!!

MP3 blod..I mean blog! My new one!!! Pure MP3! Dooom, Post-Rock, Post-Metal, Sludgecore,D'n'B, uhh....ummm..lots of Jim Noir, Sigur Ros and...uhh..Kraftwerk...basically...if I think of some good music I forgot about or hear about something new I'll search Exploseek  and for some MP3s to post on my blog! Woohoo!!

Hey!!!!Hey!!!!Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's my new MP3 blog!!!!!! There's absolutely nuffin but MP3s on this blog!! It is called "Clik and Lissen".

Tracks already featured include......

Jim Noir - Computer song

Godspeed You Black Emperor! - Motorcycle

Clor - "Stuck In A Tight Spot"

Don Caballero - "Savage Composition"

Cephalic Carnage - "Dying will be the death of me"

Zonderhoof - "William The Bastard"

Kraftwerk - "Europe Endless"

The whole point though is that there are loads of MP3 blogs around. I'm using this blog to check stuff out. I can't be bothered downloading stuff and puting it into i-Tunes or whatever. This is why I've put the blue arrow next to the MP3s!!!! You just click it and hopefully, if the MP3 is still online, the tune will start playng within about 2 seconds. If you hate it you just click the stop button that appears when you're listening to it. If you love it then you can download when you go home or if you're on your system right then just do the normal "right click"..

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