Monday, May 08, 2006

Jaga Jazzist

Quote - "....basically sounds like what Kevin Shields would dream-up if he was influenced by jazz and prog-rock." - Source: MP3MANIACO

That's just got me sold. All you've got to do is mention Kevin Shields and it's game over for me. And the fact that Jaga Jazzist are from Norway. Think about it - you've got Sigur Ros from Iceland, you've got M83 from France, you've got Lupatarkastaja (an awesome MP3 blog that is making the world a lot smaller place for me - they posted tracks by Toman, Cue, Jesu, Red Sparrows..) from Finland, you've got Mogwai from Scotland... It seems that there is a lot of high quality music coming out of a lot of countries from outside of England. Imagine concentric circles drawn on a map of the world and the circles centre on you. How far do your circles go??

Anyway, I've just come across MP3MANIACO today. I've subscribed to their RSS feed so I'll probably be linking to other stuff from them in the future.

This post is taking me about 2 hours to complete.... the point is that you can listen to some of their MP3s by going to Clik and Lissen - my stripped down MP3 blog. Here's one of the tunes anyway. Press the blue button!!!!!

Jaga Jazzist - All I Know is Tonight (aaaaaahh..this MP3 has gone!! I'll find some more now...)

More Jaga Jazzist MP3s on Clik and Lissen.

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