Friday, May 12, 2006

Great links for MP3s! That's me!!

Great links for MP3s! That's me!!
Yes, that's right.

"Whatever happened 2 Bay B Kane?" - "Great links to mp3s"

Someone else has finally realised how fantastic this blog right here is for linking to MP3s!
Cheers to for linking me. Not sure what that blog is about but I'll have a look later!!!!

If you don't know: I link to tracks like:

ASVA - Kill The Dog, Tie Him Up, Take The Money

"Huge slabs of ultra distorted guitars, working their way through slow motion riffs, a ponderous plodding metallic crush."


Click the blue button to find out.

If there's too much information hitting you on this blog go to my other MP3 blog. This has just MP3s and no waffling..... So try Clik and Lissen. I know you'll love it. You tart...

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